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      Welcome to the home of the Makers of Mayhem, Here is a small list of rules that we wish you to abide by while posting in our public forums: 1) No spamming, useless posts like "YOU SUCK" or +1 will be deleted. 2) No flaming, we are able to take criticism, but if you post factless blabber your posts will be deleted and further action may be taken. 3) Feel free to ask for our help in clan wars; but know that we will not agree to help everyone that asks. 4) Do not attempt to sell an account on these forums. If u do so u will get banned/suspended from the forums. The same goes for offering services such as fire caping or questing. 5) Posting the true names of people who have their usernames hidden on this forum is not allowed. You cannot reveal the true names of: -All people with shortened names such (examples as Jz, xEx, TheXX) -All forum guests who have requested name changes that have been approved -MM Members secondary accounts 7) Do Not Advertise Your Site In A Topic, Advertising In Your Signature Is Fine. 8) No racism is allowed. 9) No Using the Alt Codes, Doing so may result in a IP ban. 10) You can not post kill pictures of our clan members without their permission. 11) You may not post surveys claiming to give money. 12) You may not bump old topics. 13) Discussion of botting software is not permitted. Other Info, IF SOMEONE'S TITLE DOES NOT HAVE A (*) NEXT TO IT, THEN THEY CANNOT DO THE FOLLOWING: 1.) CHANGE NAMES 2.) CHANGE POST COUNT 3.) CHANGE STATUS FROM GUEST TO SOMETHING ELSE
    • Changes to the website regarding logins.

      Hello peasants Soonwe will change the login algorithm for the website to combat the ongoing brute force attempts against our users. we will stop using the regular login name to log in and use your email instead. so in the future you will need to use your email to log in. FAQ: Yes your name remains on the forum. Yes your email will not be visible to anyone except admins.


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    2. Mayhem Makers Applications [INVITE ONLY]

      Melee Option: 40+ Attack with 85+ Strength & 70+ Range or Magic.

      Range Option: 85+ Range & 70+ Strength or Magic.

      Mage Option: 85+ Magic & 70+ Range or Strength.

      Hybrid Option: Double 80+ stats.

      All of the options require 65+ Hitpoints

      Trip Times | Suggested Gear | Clan Rules


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