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Mith Gloves GuideMith gloves guide

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 06:44 PM

Mith Gloves guide FOR PURES!!

1. What the gloves are used for and the stats
2. Before you start
3. Getting your gloves

Chapter 1: What the RFD Gloves are used for.

RFD gloves have been popular by pures and have been used for pking since the quest itself came out. Pures by 1-20 def have used the gloves as they are cheap but create a great advantage while wielding them.

Statistics for gloves (Mith)

Posted Image
Attack Bonus:+6(Stab) +6(Slash) +6(Crush) +3(Magic) +6(Range)
Defense Bonus: +6(Stab) +6(Slash) +6(Crush) +3(Magic) +6(Range) +3(Summon)
Str/Pray Bonus:+6(Strength) +0(Prayer)

Chapter 2: Before You Start

Before you start your quest its HIGHLY recommended you get the required stats,quests, and supplys needed done before you start RFD.

41 Cooking
10 fishing
20 firemaking
30 crafting
25 thieving
30 ranged
5 fletch
10 mine
Mid combat at least 45.

Cooks' Assistant
Fishing Contest
Goblin Diplomacy
Demon Slayer
Gertude's Cat
Shadow of the Storm
The Golem
Big Chompy Bird Hunt

2 Lemons, 1 Pineapple, 1 Orange, Ashes, Cocktail Shaker, Rotten Tomato, Greenman's Ale, 1 Eye of Newt,Egg, Bucket of Milk, Pot of Flour, Bowl of Water, 1,000GP, 4-5 Asgarnian Ales (obtained in Falador), Gloves, Charcoal, Loaf of bread, Bucket/Jug of water, Spice (can be obtained from Ardougne Spice Stall or Lumbridge Castle basement), Fishing Bait, Sliced Orange (use Knife on an Orange), Blue, Purple or Green Dye, Pestle and Mortar, Codfish (use Big Net), Loaf of Bread, Knife, Fishbowl (empty), Needle, 3 Rolls of Bronze Wire, Kitten, Cat OR Wiley cat & at least 10 Stews, Woodcutting Axe (any kind), Tinderbox, Log (any kind), Pickaxe, Iron Spit, Raw Chompy (may need more than one incase it burns), Ogre Bellows, Ogre Bow, Ogre Arrows (~40-50), Ball of Wool.

These items can be obtained by player to player trade. Might not work due to the 3k trade limit as players do charge over 70k for these.

Chapter 3: Getting Your Gloves (FINALLY)B]

The Start:
To start this quest tele or go to Lumbridge Castle. From there talk to the chef. A brief conversation will soon cause you to start RFD.
Posted Image

After you talk to him you will need to make him the required item.
Item: 2 Lemons, 1 Pineapple, 1 Orange, Ashes, Cocktail Shaker, Rotten Tomato, Greenman's Ale, 1 Eye of Newt.

1. Following giving you the list of sups. you need to get for the recipe you should have all them.
2. If not having them, go to duel arena buy the tomato. Then go to the mage shop @ port sarim and buy 1 eye of newt.
3. Go to the grand tree walking/glider/spirit trees. Go to Blurberry and ask him to mix a drink. You will get the required items and then you will need to mix them.
4. When finished making the Fruit Blast gather some ashes and mix it. Congratz you now have a Dirty Blast :nod:
5. Travel to Yan and go to the bar where all the gangstars hang. There buy a Greenman Ale.
6. Go back to lummy and give the supplys to the cook. You will now be invited to the party.

To make a fruit blast: Pick up a cocktail glass from the ground, or ask a Bartender for one, and buy one pineapple, one orange, two lemons, and a cocktail shaker from Heckel Funch. Place the pineapple, orange, and one lemon in the cocktail shaker; shake it up and use the mixture in the empty cocktail glass. Slice a lemon, and use it on the unfinished cocktail.

A short cutscene will play and an evil chef will freeze everyone. This is when the real fun begins.

Posted Image

You will also be granted to a new bank source; the Culmancer chest:
Posted Image

The First subquest.
~The Dwarf~
Egg, Bucket of Milk, Pot of Flour, Bowl of Water, ~1,000GP, 4-5 Asgarnian Ales (obtained in Falador), Gloves.

First examine the fat dwarf. The gypsy kid will tell you that maybe his dad who left him and his mom when the dwarf was just a hoodlim.
To find him go to the stairs south of the Hero guild. When underground talk to An Old g****r/Dwarf.
After trying to get him to give up his weed he will tell you that even his fav. beer wont even make him give in. Go to the pub and talk to the lady. Give her 200 GPz for her body and she give you the Dwarf favorite beer.
IF you drop a coin into a beer the dwarf will give in. Buy tons o beers (like 3 or 4) and drop 500k inside each. Go to the dwarf give him the beer, get him drunk, the bride the fool into giving you the recipe.
The recipe amazingly is the TOp SECret Rock Cakes. He will make you some only if you give him a bucket of milk, a pot of flour, a bowl of water, and an egg.
When he is done wear your gloves and retrieive the cake.
Cool the cake by going to ice mountain. You will see ice fiends. Kill one with the rock cake in your inventory and it will cool the cake down. The end product will be a well done rock cake and then teleport to lummy and use it on the dwarf. Quest complete and you now have Bronze Gloves.

With your lowsy inventory of gloves Posted Image its not time to get..IRON!!!

~The Second subquest~
~The Goblins~
Item: Charcoal, Loaf of bread, Bucket/Jug of water, Spice (can be obtained from Ardougne Spice Stall or Lumbridge Castle basement), Fishing Bait, Sliced Orange (use Knife on an Orange), Blue, Purple or Green Dye.

Go back to the room with the siggly lines. Examine the goblins. The gypsy will tell you that you should go to the Goblin village north of falador.
When there go to the east building and climb the ladder. Find the Goblin Cook and give him the charcoal. Once he adds it you will die and lose all pixels. Nah jk but you did it. You made the chef what he needed.
Now ask him for help and he will say that the goblins like unusual stuff. The things are orange slices that aint orange, maggots that arnt bland, Bread which aint crunchy.
Make the bread by soakin it in water. Maggots by spicing them with the spice. Dye the orange slices with the dye at hand. Give your food to the chef and he will mix them. You now have the slop of compromise.
Go to lummy and back to the room. Use the slop on the goblins.

Gratz you now have IRON gloves.
Posted Image


~The Thrid subquest~
~Pirate Pete~
Item: Pestle and Mortar, Codfish (use Big Net), Loaf of Bread, Knife, Fishbowl (empty), Needle, 3 Rolls of Bronze Wire.

Exaime Pirate pete. The gypsy will tell you you his fav. food is fishcakes. Get the recipe from the Cook. With a long talk he will give you the list of the recipe.

ground codfish
ground kelp
ground giant crabmeat
mix it and cook on a cooking device.

Using the knife, make breadcrumbs by slices the bread. Get your codfish or fish some with a big net. ground with a pestle n motar. then go to Port Khzard the port near yanille or by boat at Catherby. Talk to murphy and he tells you that he knows how to get crabmeat and kelp. Give him the fishbowl and he will hand you a swin suit (looks pretty nice). Make sure you are less than 27 kg. before you go diving. Talk to Murphy and then your off to diving. Go north and pick kelp and when your back on land use it with pestle and mortar.
Find your way to the pen with crabs. Talk to the morge and he will say he will let you in if you get 5 mudskipper hides.
Pick up rocks near the cave that is west of the pen. Enter the cave, kill 5 mudskippers. Give them to the morge but he wont take them unless you make them into armour. Give him the wire and needle. He is now satisfied and lets you inside. Kill a crab and use it with pestle and mortar.
You now have all the ingredients. Use them on each other then cook on range.
Go inside the room again and use the food on pirate pete.

Congratz you now have STEEL GLOVES!!
Posted Image

Only 2 more gloves left, time to get black.

~The Forth Subquest~
~The orge~
Item: Woodcutting Axe (any kind), Tinderbox, Log (any kind), Pickaxe, Iron Spit, Raw Chompy (may need more than one incase it burns), Ogre Bellows, Ogre Bow, Ogre Arrows (~40-50), Ball of Wool.

Examine the orge. The gyspy tells you he loves Jubbly. Go the fedlip hills, the forest above Yanille. Find Rantz and he tells you to meet him southeast. At the southeast part he tells you he needs help getting to Karajama. You have the idea of making a boat and he brings down the tree. Hollow out the tree by using it with your woodcutting axe. When finished collect a raw choppy. After collectiong one he will shot one of his arrows and tells you to find it.
Go to Tai bwo wannai and head west. When there search the shore until you find an arrow sticking out of a tree. With your iron spit, stick it into your chompy. Afterwards, light a fire and begin cooking it. Whilst doing this Rantz kids shall come and ask you to come back to fedlip hills with them. Agree and return with the cooked chompy.
When you find Rantz talk to him and he will tell you how to catch a Jubbly. Use your bellows on a frog. (make sure you fill it with the swamp thingy first). Go find a mine were you can mine rocks, and use it with the toad. Go to where the arrow is pointing and drop the toad. Wait while weilding your orge bow and arrows. When the jubbly comes, assinate it and plunk its feather and either drop or keep them. Pick the jubbly up and talk to Rantz. He points to the orge spit roast where you cook the Jubbly. With your finished Jubbly head to lummy again and use it on the orge.

Congratz you now have black gloves!@#!@#!@#
Posted Image

1 more left your doing G R E A T ((i hope so)).

~The LAST Subquest~
~The Evil One~
Item: Kitten, Cat OR Wiley cat & at least 10 Stews.

Examine Dave and the gyspy says to go to his house next to the Edgeville bank. There talk to his mom and say where Evil dave is. Make sure you have your stews and your cat. Talk to dave and he will tell you to ask his mom for the recipe of the stew.
Talk to his mom and she will say that Dave's rats stole the spices for the stew. Go downstairs and choose "interact with cat" and choose the option "chase vermin". When they drop spice use 1 dose per color (they're 4 colors in total). With the concoction use it on Dave. If it is right he will say 1 of the spices is right in the stew. Record the doses of spices you used on the stew and what color it was. If the doses go up to 3 and it does not work, it is certain that the doseage of that color spice is 4. Do this until you have all the right spices. When you have the right spices, fill the stew with the correct dose of the spices and use with Dave. He will say that it is "totally evil" or something but dont let him drink it all.
With the stew go to lummy and into the room. When in the room use the stew with Dave and whala.

Posted Image

[b]Special Thanks:

Special thanks to JadEx for making the game.
Special thanks to Sefket and the opperators of PC for this wonderful site.
Special thanks to CP, Team Chronic, and The Merciless

Sites used:

My guide is NOT copy and pasted all i used the sites for is the stats,items,and quests for this guide.

To find me...
You can always find me at the following.


IRC NICK: [-DaGlen-], [CP]Recoil [CP]R3c01l

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addy gloves for teh win

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Awesome guide, thanks.

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so is this credible still, everything look right guys?


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thanks alot dude literally just finished getting mith gloves while using this guide!

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gg rfd cya

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