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Guide To Turmoil Rune Pure

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#1 professor


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 09:44 PM


Posted Image

Well seeing as how it seems what alot of people are going for these days, i figured (since i havent seen a good guide yet) i would try and make a guide that could help some people working towards turmoil out.

First thing is first, dont bother going any further unless you have around 175m BANKED (or close to it.) If you have 125m and try this, you will fall short and just make yourself miserable.

Skilling and Questing

This is the most painful, and most arduous part of getting 95 pray and a s**y account. You will have to do a s**t load of quests, get a s**t load of stats (more so than just barrows gloves.)

I suggest first heading in the direction of barrows gloves by doing these quests:

ALL F2P quests(40)

Horror From the Deep(2)----35 agility+barcrawl

Death Plateau(1)
Troll Stronghold(1)

Tree Gnome Village(2)
Grand Tree(5)

Lost City(3)

Priest in Peril(1)
Animal Magnetism(1)-----18 slay, 19 craft, 30 range 15 thief, 35 wc

Digsite Quest(2)----25 thief 10 agility 10 herblore
Tourist Trap(2)----10 Fletching, 20 smithing
Temple of Ikov(1)----42 thief 40 ranged
Desert Treasure(3)----10 slayer 50 fm 50 magic 53 thief

Plague City(1)
Gertrudes Cat(1)
The Golem(1)----20 crafting 25 thieving
Shadow of The Storm(1)----30 crafting
Fishing Contest(1)
Big Chompy Bird Hunting (2)----5 fletch,30 cook, 30 ranging

RFD up to Addy Gloves(6)---70 cooking, 48 agility(can't pot to this) 20 fming

Murder Mystery(3)
Nature Spirit(2)----18 crafting
Witch's House(4)

RFD from addy up to Rune Gloves(1)

Underground Pass(5)
Druidic Ritual(4)
Jungle Potion(1)
Shilo Village(2)---32 agility 20 crafting
Heros(1)-----25 herblore 50 mining 53 fishing 53 cooking
Legends(4)---52 mining, 50 agil, 50 craft, 50 smith,50 str, 50 thief, 42 pray, 56 mage, 50 wc, 45 herblore

Rfd Dragon Gloves (1)

Fremennik Trials (3)----40 Wc, 40 Craft, 25 fletch
Olaf's Quest(1)-----40 Fm, 50 Wc!!!!-----WARNING GIVES 12k DEF EXP----!!!!!! not a necessary quest as i explain later, but
useful if they ever make a sequel that gives something decent (which might or might not
happen)+ brine rats good slay task
Lunar Diplomacy(2)------61 crating, 40 def, 49 fm 5 herb 65 magic 60 mining 55 Wc
Posted Image

Lost Tribe(1)----17 mining 13 agility, 13 thief
Recruitment Drive(1)
Sea Slug(1)----30 fm
Slug Menace(1)----30 crafting 30 rcing 30 slayer 30 thieving

Hand Cannon
Dwarf Cannon(1)
Between A Rock(2)-------30 def, 40 mining, 50 smithing
Giant Dwarf(2)------33 magic, 16 fm, 14 thief, 12 crafting
Forgettable Tale of a d*****n Dwarf(2)---17 farming 22 cooking
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf(2)----61 hunt 61 fm 69 str

Spirit Shield
Spirit of Summer(1)----40 con, 26 farm, 35 prayer, 19 summ
Summer's End(1)----23 summ, 23 wcing, 35 hunt, 45 mining, 47 fming, 55 prayer

s**y New Prays
Garden of Tranquility(2)----25 farming
What Lies Below (1)---35 Rune crafting
Family Crest(1)-----40 mining 40 smithing 59 magic 40 crafting
Shades of Mort'ton (3)-----15 herblore 20 crafting
Defender of Varrock(2)-----51 agility, 51 hunter, 54 smithing , 59 mining
Icthlarin's Little Helper(2)
Contact (1)
Missing My Mummy (1)------35 cooking, 35 con 35 craft 35 magic 35 prayer(RESTORE the mummy!)
Troll Romance(2)---28 agility
Tale of the Muspah(1)----10 magic, 8 mining, 6 fming, 10 wcing
Curse of Arrav(1)----37 slay,41 summ, 61 agility, 64 ranged, 64 mining, 64 str, 66 thief
Devious Minds(1)----65 smithing 50 fletching 50 rcing
Temple at Senntisten(2)----50 prayer +125 kudos, if you did all the quests above, you will be close to this number, but it is easy to get anyway so don't worry about it until you get there.

SKILL LEVELS REQUIRED: 55 prayer, 65 smithing, 50 rcing, 66 thief, 64 mining, 69 str, 61 agility, 61 hunter, 45 herblore, 25 farm, 41 summ, 40 construction, 70 cooking, 64 ranged, 59 magic, 37 slay

Shortcuts!!!! Boosting your stats saves alot of time....
Agility:Summer Pie +5
Smithing: Dwarven stout (M)+2
Thief: Bandits Brew+1
Hunter: Hunter Pot+3
Con: Tea, and crystal saw +6 total
Cooking: Chefs Delight(m) +5
Herblore:Greenmans ale
Mining: Dwarven Stout (M)+2

There are others, and it may be helpful to look into familiars if you are higher summoning (57 summ spirit kyatt boosts hunt +5 for example)

Tears of Guthix(1)---49 fming 20 crafting 20 mining
Seems stupid but it will take a couple weeks to get all the reqs for 95 pray and it will help to have some free exp for your lowest (least favorite skill)

Wolf Whistle(1)--------Unlocks summoning!

After these quests your QP will be :153, just 23 more to go!

Good Quests to do for quick QP and exp if you are having trouble:
Eagles Peak(2)----27 hunt (hunt exp!)
Elemental Workshop1(1)---20 mining, 20 smithing, 20 crafting, (Good quick smithing exp)
Fight Arena(2), ATTACK EXP
Eyes of Gloupherie(2)---5 con, 46 magic (rc exp!)
Mountain Daughter(2) ----20 agility (attack+pray exp)
Sheep herder(4)
Smoking Kills(1)---25 crafting, 35 slay, 85 combat (nice to do+slay exp)
Swept Away(1)---Free Exp's wherever you need it :(
Watchtower(4)---14 herb 14 magic 15 thief 25 Agility 40 mining ( not easy but u get watchtower tele)
Observatory(2)---(may get def exp, but only 900)
Haunted Mine(2)----15 agility 35 crafting (salve ammy pl0x+str exp)
Making History(3)

179 qp :huh: now go get barrows gloves and you are essentially complete :<3:


Extra quests=
Dream Mentor
Glorious Memories

Fremnick achievement diaries

Needs these additional reqs----65 slayer,75 attack, 43 herblore and 55 fishing (for achievement diaries up to hard for fremenick)

Saves you 450k prayer exp (which is like 10m rougly)

You will also be rewarded a balmung! (which is s**t lol)

(thanks to Venonat for telling me to add this quest.) remember it is completely optional and a pain, but could save some time+lots of money if your up for it and are 75 attack.


Posted Image
This is actually very quick, but i suggest some things to make it easier....

-USE YOUR OWN HOUSE, it is faster than using someone else's (YES even though you have to open the door and light your own burners)
-Have an altar (obvious)
-And have the altar next to glory tele room (quest hall) to allow quick edge banking
-Use tabs or house tele
-Use any summ familiar you have, it makes things much faster...When you use a bone on the altar do not select "all" do X and type in a large number (50+) and when you run low on your bones in invo, take BoB and you will not stop burying the bones.

Building your house:
69 con is simple just make oak larders using sc hammers (double exp) and use a servant to get oak logs for you.

At 69 Con build your tea shelf, make tea and also have crystal saw in invo...make your altar (which would normally be 75 con.) Also make sure you have altar close to entrance (right in front of preferrably, and quest room right next door (glory tele.)

Skilling like a baws
As for every other skill you need DO TEARS OF GUTHIX, and definitely make sure you get your penguin points every week (world60pengs cc world 60 to find them all)

The slowest skills are: RC, Mining, Agility, Hunter(at low levels) so get these up fast.

Using Ba, or Sc tools will help quicken the skilling for sure. (The time to get the levels is the same, but your spending more time at Sc then actually skilling, meaning its way less boring)

Finishing Off:
At this point you will have nearly all the tools needed to be a good zerker turmoil pure...

Barrows Gloves
Venge + Barrage (if your 94 mage)
Spirit Shield
Zammy Book
and Proselyte

What you need to get next is:
Torso, Fire Cape, Rune defenders, and void...

Random tips for those 4...

Torso: Ba is a pain in the *** if you have a s**t team, get a bunch of guys together that you know don't suck and that will help you get points fast.

Fire Cape: Practice, if you have never done it, don't expect to get it your first try...its very unlikely that you will. In addition watch lots of videos, they will help you feel more comfortable when you get to jad and thru the whole process.

Rune Defenders: Pretty simple, buy mith armour sets (my favorite) use on the armour machine on first floor of warriors guild and get a couple hundred tokens and go kill some ogres on the top floor (working your way up from bronze to rune.)

Void: If you are 100 + combat (with summoning) this will go really quickly. Join any high level PC clan on your main to get the worlds, and then just go there on your rune pure. This will halve the time needed to get void from going low level boat. Void is DEFINITELY worth it. For training range and for void tribriding and owning everybody.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Other things to do:

Enchanting your rings for "maxing out your dds specs" as Care Teddy says.

Dungeoneering for epic weapons. When i find a guide/bother to do it myself i'll add it in.


Hero quest: 2625
Dragon Slayer: 18650
Defender of Varrock: 10000
What lies below: 2000
Nature Spirit: 2000
Fremennik Trials: 2812.4
Between a rock: 5000
Olaf quest: 12000 (OPTIONAL!!!)

Total = 55087 exp
That mean 43 def if you started at lvl 1.
(thanks to xxr4ngedxx1 for this :<3:)

Basic advice from Crack

"Okay this is how it is...

If you want only turmoil and nothing else, it's 28 defence (with 31 xp to spare) with the quests What Lies Below and Defender of Varrock.

If you want barrow gloves, turmoil and vengeance, it's 40 defence with Nature Spirit, What lies below, Defender of varrock, Fremennik trials, Heroes quest, Dragon slayer.

If you want barrow gloves, turmoil, vengeance and hand cannon, it's 41 defence with all of those quests + Between a rock. "

If that is how you have to see it to calculate proper def levels desired then thank Crack!

Thanks for reading, i tried to get a lot in in a short guide, and a short amount of time...
I will edit and add in pictures when i'm free and bored again :<3:

Suggestions comments fixes etc welcomed!

#2 Mexi


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 09:45 PM

1st ownage guide brotha

#3 pk4 life

pk4 life

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 09:47 PM

ownage guide, needs to be a lil bit more pics+ maybe more info (links to quest guides :(?)

but u have no life :huh:

#4 Xtensity


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 11:41 PM

How're you going to get barrows gloves without monkey madness? I think the extra 1-2 defense levels are worth the extra 4 str bonus

#5 pk4 life

pk4 life

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 11:51 PM

How're you going to get barrows gloves without monkey madness? I think the extra 1-2 defense levels are worth the extra 4 str bonus

he said dont get the reward experience that reward comes after you finish the quest...you can return to ape atoll without taking the rewared exp :(
(thats y you can get addy gloves without getting def exp atm)

#6 Chin


    help me

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 11:56 PM

ok thanks for telling me to follow common sense

#7 Rang3r Elmo

Rang3r Elmo

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Posted 03 February 2010 - 11:59 PM

ok thanks for telling me to follow common sense

Follow common sense.

Good guide man, too much work though haha

#8 professor


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 12:04 AM

ok thanks for telling me to follow common sense

thought it would be nice just to have some structure if some body were to go for it...obviously you could figure out everything i wrote yourself...but now it is in one spot if someone were to try the same thing i did (and is even helpful for those rune pures not going to get turmoil..)

sorry if it is no help to you, but im sure it could be of some benefit to others

#9 Erik|Ur


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 12:23 AM


#10 Darius


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 12:43 AM

sick guide, too bad its so expensive haha

#11 `Liam


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 02:05 AM

Good guide, add a few pictures when you have time. Goodjob

#12 Care Teddy

Care Teddy


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 03:00 AM

Re-arrange your suggested quests a bit better, such as:

Slug Menace
- Sea Slug
- Wanted!
- - Priest in Peril
- - Recruitement Drive
- - Rune Mysteries
- - The Lost Tribe
Total QP Gained: xxx

Putting a bit of work in that will make it look better. Nice guide!

#13 Angus



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Posted 04 February 2010 - 04:43 AM

nice guide

#14 Vic


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 10:47 AM

Nice guide, but 5 def all the way.

#15 Omf G Sword

Omf G Sword

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Posted 04 February 2010 - 12:41 PM

ok thanks for telling me to follow common sense

Okay if it's all common sense to you then why the **** did you bother clicking on this?

Nice guide, will def. come back to it when I'm training up my 60 attack runepure. Thanks a lot. :D

#16 Doom


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 03:28 PM

needs a tldr version

#17 Marc`


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 03:53 PM

Very nice guide.

#18 Bert



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Posted 04 February 2010 - 04:05 PM

Very nice, but could you possibly improve the lay-out? :)
And grouping the defence quests would be nice too. :D

#19 `Troyy


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 05:17 PM

got confused at the start, but then i understood, nice guide +1

#20 HeY


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Posted 04 February 2010 - 10:04 PM

needs a tldr version

TL;DR Do a lot of ******* quests and spend all your cash on prayer.

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