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  2. Hello old friends

  3. Hello old friends

    I know what you meant. I always called it the 'eat trick'. They patched it before I stopped playing 
  4. Hello old friends

    That's not what I'm talking about. That's combo food. 
  5. Earlier
  6. Hello old friends

    Just threw you a pm
  7. Is this niqqa still a virg?
  8. MAGfest

    Is anyone here familiar with or planning to attend MAGfest this coming January?
  9. Hello old friends

    I couldn’t help myself... I bought a phat set, mask set, and Santa hat just to have and pretend like I’m rich 😛   I only have a 500k bank right now (gifted by my coworker) so I’ll be slowly skilling for cash and training up a new 40 attack f2p pure. My private chat will stay on so to anyone out there who may occasionally still play and want to talk or reminisce, please add me.    Username is ‘Scribbb’
  10. you guys are gaywods

    gaywoods? i think i identify as a packwoodz?
  11. Hello old friends

    so much changed. took me a couple months of playing to catch on.. join a clan chat with alot of members and thatll help alot. i think cuz so many ppl botted phat drops the first time they now they drop em every year. I have like 50 from the first drop ;) lol  
  12. Hello old friends

    yes oldschool is still very fun. many elite f2p pkers do high risk fights. castle in f2p is basically dead. edgeville should still have some pkers, but afaik most migrated to ge. pid switches were implemented to combat the old pid system that people abused in the duel arena. basically sometimes youll see range hit 2 splats in a row. it's not lag (usually). it's you switching pid with your opponent. it seems to also change the way hits stack from before. i.e. the only way to really stack range->2h now is s******g an arrow, running near the guy and hitting him with your 2h. ive not pked on f2p for a few months but i cant imagine it changing. but f2p pking has become more of a niche. phats arent valuable since they are given out every year i think like 14 per account per year? (2 of ea colour and 2 crackers which is 4 phats in theory)  also tick eating, food glitch, eat trick, however you called it back then is patched for melee hits. meaning u cant just fancy eat your way out of a scimmy combo anymore
  13. Hello old friends

     I added you. Looks like I’m starting from scratch so it’ll take me a while to get going or I might just lose interest. It seems like much has changed. I’m level 6 and looting in w308 edgeville and I just picked up a red partyhat. Are they not valuable any more?
  14. Hello old friends

    lmao someone sold scribbs to the botters. hmu! 420 Dave
  15. Hello old friends

    Well I’ve been trying to log in to Scribbbs without any luck... any idea how to proceed? I’ve been trying to log in to oldschool, is it possible that Scribbbs is stuck on rs3? Forgive me, it’s been a long time and I was never very tech savvy to begin with     edit: So I got on scribbbs but I must have let someone else use it back when I quit. I know I gave some accounts away. I just managed to log in and the bank is cleaned out of valuables... but there is a fire cape which I know I never got   also it has a permanent mute 🤐 
  16. Hello old friends

    ye, whats your cb lvl?
  17. Hello old friends

    I've been getting pretty nostalgic looking at my oldschool gallery and videos... I was thinking more like edgeville and castle. Is oldschool any good? Also what are "pid switches"? I don't think I'm familiar with the term.    Does anyone on here go pking?
  18. Hello old friends

    whats good bro. pvp worlds are back so if u liked the old 'ge f2p pking' days that's still a thing. it's pretty fun getting back into it and f2p is fairly similar, there's just pid switches now that can throw you off.
  19. you guys are gaywods

    Thanks Blazey.
  20. Hello old friends

    Hi guys. whats good in the world of f2p pking?  I started a new job a few months ago and one of my coworkers actively plays rs, has been asking me for advice on pking. Legit got me somewhat interested again but I'm really debating if I want to invest any time. I don't even have a computer anymore, but this guy says you can AFK on rs mobile pretty easily Also, not that it matters much but it would be cool to have old school access again on here 😛
  21. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    i saw oresuki was popular after i made that post then binged it is is pretty lmfao, good watch
  22. Finally...I have achieved the stats I wanted.

    I'll add once I'm logged in, lol. I actually haven't logged in since I hit 99 def a week ago May be another week or 2 before I actually want to play again. I'm just so burned out My RSN is 'Anaestheticz'
  23. Basically you need to kill the bosses hundreds of times to get a rare pet from them. you can get pet's from training other stats but the boss pets are waaaay more rare btw give me an add! '420 Dave'
  24. Finally...I have achieved the stats I wanted.

    I actually don't know what boss pets are :3 Time to google!
  25. yeah but how many boss pets do you have?
  26. Good Adult Animes (No, Not P0Rn)

    SAO is zzz. kirito in a double coma boring af
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