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  1. Today
  2. where da OGs @???

    na man forums are pretty dead, there are a group of ex-mm that just started up a lil guy clan tho if you were wanting to maybe f2p pk with them they use cc 'pink clan' tho  
  3. Best Mm Memory?

    old vid i found:    mm foe rivalry was fun lol. mains were another story but also fun    
  4. where da OGs @???

    been way too long since i posted here, but obviously i had to when i found out runescape mobile is coming out. How yall nerds been/ is this forum even alive anymore?
  5. where the hood at

    >Runescape where da hood@ memes.   >Not VDangerV   ????
  6. Yesterday
  7. Albion Online

    Sometimes I wonder what it's like to be as autistic and socially inept as Furious but my mind simply fails to comprehend.   #IStandWithPancakes
  8. Free my boi Maklapro

  9. Free my boi Maklapro

    free him ban danny
  10. Sure, check your pm
  11. Free my boi Maklapro

    free makla aka dm70 slayer
  12. If you're reading this in 2018 [it's not too late]

    @Aerdo if possible and if 3njoi is srs about being always down to pk, he would be a perfect candidate to pick up that account. Thanks for being ownage.
  13. Free my boi Maklapro

    who? never heard of her
  14. Last week
  15. Free my boi Maklapro

    he a gud boi
  16. Free my boi Maklapro

    free him he dindu nuffin
  17. Free my boi Maklapro

    free my boi Maklapro he did nothin wrong
  18. If you're reading this in 2018 [it's not too late]

    Wasn't it Dabestpk?
  19. Mahatma wasn't really "active" for quite awhile. He was floating around briefly with RS07 but wasn't really putting in significant time then or for awhile before that either.   You're right about Volcanic though, I forgot the name of the guy he opened MM with back in early RS2 days.
  20. Oooo. Fully f2p right? 
  21. we pk more on weekdays tbh. do it riggzilla  
  22. Albion Online

    Welcome back guys
  23. Albion Online

  24. opened the clan with volcanic fox wut? even i was in the clan before volcanic. Volcanic is just famous for being first pure fully maxed with 99 attack, mahatma was active and pking with MM untill we closed.
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