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  2. Hollow glass production measures

    Yea same, thanks man.
  3. Hey boys - Big Idea

    I read a lot of hentai, so let me know if you need any ideas. 
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  5. Hey boys - Big Idea

    I self publish erotica on amazon and im doing well
  6. Dear Furious

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  8. Dear Furious

    he forgot to mention how much he lost on cryptos and how many times he sat on ts ready to overdose.
  9. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Ah, yes yes, thank you, good sir. Funnily enough, it has just now occurred to me how much more agreeable you Kiwis are compared to those English types that lurk around here. Pip pip cheerio and all that. ANYWHO, back to business. Of course. I am pleased to hear of your inquiry. The gentleman you have mentioned is sounding to be of the upstanding variety. If you would be so kind, have your people contact my people. Surely, anyone with those qualifications is bound to be a valuable team player.
  10. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Unfortunately I have no experience in such an area so can't offer you much advice. However I do have an old associate that used to have a fetish for Kim Possible cartoon strip fan fiction, I'll pass this thread along to him.
  11. wait wtf? therees no f*****g way. did they find out how he did it yet?
  12. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Alright chief, what's your big idea then? It's about time someone at least tries to be productive around here. If everyone quit jerking off to their anime for just 5 minutes we could actually have something here
  13. Hey boys - Big Idea

  14. Hey boys - Big Idea

    Hey boys. Anyways, I have a big project planned out that's coming up on the horizon. What I'm proposing to do is write an erotic fan-fiction novel about Adam Sandler called Big Daddy. Thoughts? I'm mainly curious about what kind of percentage of the erotic Adam Sandler novel market share I can expect. I'm at a stage right now where I'm really just trying to get a general feel for where the public sentiment is at. Anywho, I look forward to hearing from y'all. This thing could be huge if I can get some help to really nail it down. I have to give up my son for adoption of this doesn't take off.
  15. Dear Furious

    rekt @Danny cya hick!
  16. Dear Furious

    wow u must have a gr8 job irl for 6k each to be worthless!
  17. Dear Furious

    those cryptos that are now worthless?
  18. Your processing procedure of laminated glass In a dust-free, regular temperature and also humidity workshop, Workers almost all dress sparkling uniforms as well as caps. In advance of working, We will make sure and ensure that it is extremely clean between the PVB film with Goblet interlayer. We command Superposition regular and produce the laminated glass as outlined by Process conditions strictly. We employ professional Roller Press to generate the goblet more smooth no bubbles. It may possibly continuously make, save electricity and boost production. In the long run, The competent workers will double check the frame then finish off trimming just as before with specialized trimming tools to be able to make positive every information are most perfect. Heat Soaked Remedy Of tempered glass prices  Heat drenched treatment, also known as homogeneous treatment, commonly referred to as 'detonation'. The hot-dip treatment is always to heat the particular tempered glass to 290°C±10°C and hold it for any certain time frame, prompting that nickel sulfide to be able to rapidly full the ravenscroft crystal phase transformation while in the tempered a glass, so the heat soaked glass which might be blew previous to use is definitely artificially broken in advance at your factory. Within a hot dip furnace, the self-explosion from the tempered glass being used after installing is reduced. This system generally utilizes hot air being a heating medium, and is named 'Heat Relax Test' abroad, abbreviated because HST, and is literally translated while hot dip treatment. Although the heat drenched treatment of tempered glass won't guarantee of which self-explosion would not occur, it lets you do reduce the occurrence with self-detonation, and it also actually solves the matter of self-detonation that plagues all parties involved in the challenge. Therefore, hot-dip can be a more effective approach to completely solve the challenge of self-detonation in the world. Hollow glass production measures  From the start, We prepare aluminum according to different measurement. Then manage relevant test to make certain the molecular sieve is effective. We possess automatic insulating glass creation line. It may filling the actual molecular sieve automatically. Should the filling is complete, Within an hour, The staff will smear that butyl sealant and then check the side and three corners of Aluminum carefully in depth and ensure that the the actual butyl sealant was spread out evenly. Then the cutter will mix two types of a glass together plus smear the particular structure sealant routinely. In the final, The workers who sadly are trained will double check the several corners after that finish trimming once more with professional trimming tools in order to make certain every particulars are just about all perfect.
  19. Dear Furious

    wtf share
  20. Dear Furious

    lol xi jinping emperor for life get f****d china
  21. Is MM Still a Thing?

    f**k YOU FURIOUS!!!!!
  22. Is MM Still a Thing?

    hell yea brother
  23. Is MM Still a Thing?

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