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  3. search and rescue

    if they swap back to how they were before forums will get active again tbh..................sad about that exploit or whatever
  4. wtf rly but he was such a koreaboo
  5. He loves asian girls, he could never wipe out a whole nation of them.
  6. i work for the cia and i have been working with him on building a nuclear wep to destroy korea
  7. /shrug   Sometimes I wonder what everyone else is doing nowadays. I randomly visit the MM forums like once or twice a year just for shits and giggles.  
  8. Last week
  9. Hi, im cumin

    didnt they used to ban every account with the name d4rk in it
  10. search and rescue

    Interesting to see some of you guys still posting here. I wish these forums were less dead. :(
  11. join fo

    1. Danny


      if they pay me 100m a week i'll make their clan relevant again

  12. are u in px s0nnie?

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    2. Alb


      Hello friendo, why u in px s0n? U know people there?

    3. Biig Bear

      Biig Bear

      Something to do on weekends. 

    4. Alb


      Ya i feel you people were just confused because its kind of a random choice and we saw your acc last weekend :D

      Pink_clan fc for ex-mm btw s0nnie

  13. more active these past few weeks than i can recall since forum swap tbh
  14. search and rescue

    worst ever or wat
  15. search and rescue

    Been many years...and nothing has changed
  16. Idk but he prolly wants us to get free post counts
  17. Thank you based etcho

    Imagine if etho made OSbuddy and was raking in like $35k USD per month. God bless Kergy God bless Etho God bless Holo
  18. Speshls Own is a scammer

  19. im just glad our forums are active xd
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