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  1. God Bless Mahatma

  2. In The Finals Boys

    thats pretty sick dude, congrats.
  3. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    yeah shes my favourite in urf
  4. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    Ap skarner has a 1000 Hp shield with 800 AP every 2 secs and 600 movementspd all the time, you dont lose health when sieging their base alone. And you can catch up to ezreal etc with gunblade that has few secs cd on active lol
  5. Vlad is pretty god in teamfights but i dont know about 1v1's. You don't have those in higher elo ranked games as much. I think drain goes tru pool so I guess not. Most 1 hit champions that could pull it off would work though. Sure it's going to be explained by getting a banshee if I mention a 1 hit champ, but realistically, you don't build for 1v1's, unless they have high AD team then yeah I see you getting thornmail ( + zhonya ) but that leaves you vulnerable to AP damage. And if you get a banshee in addition to thornmail then you'll just have less AP which is also suboptimal for teamfights. Also the tryndamere in the videos took 2 seconds out of those 2.5 the fear lasts to click qss. Wouldn't do the comparing with a silver person because those 2 seconds are extra 3-4 AA's for trynd - enough to possibly to kill you. Also, I dislike fiddlesticks ever since you started spamming these forums with him so its really hard to stay objective
  6. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    ya but ive usually taken less than 100 games to reach diamond
  7. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    I dont know what I'm doing wrong, I placemented into gold 5 and now, 40 games later, I'm still gold 5. I just lost like my 7th promo or something like that and my win/loss ratio is still around 36:16 atm. I win almost every game when not in promos and lose 2 in promos. Was diamond 5 last season ( not this account )
  8. Every topic on google is s**t so im gonna ask from you guys - new laptop, w8.1/dolby2.0 ( my dad got it for my mom and they are both s**t at computers ) Apparently I'm not that good at it either, because I cannot seem to work out why the sound from the headphones is so low, when I unplug them, the laptop speakers work fine, I'd wake up the neighbours. However on the headphones I have a tendency to listen to music as my ears bleed, however at the moment it feels like at around 30-50% if that. Everything is turned up, i updated the sound driver, turned everything on, equalized for awesome dnb etc. Still nothing. Sound card is better than on my laptop yet the sound on mine is crazy loud.
  9. Post Your League Of Legends Usernames

    Trash AD euw Lukea9 and NotSoSilent1 in eune
  10. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    West acc: Trash AD ( S2 plat icon yay ) East acc: lukea9 ( d3 last season ) add me, havent played in 4 months or 5, gonna play some in the future..do ya guys have like groups of ppl who you play i.e arams and fun games at times? Id love to join them, since I can barely carry gold 2 games atm on my "smurf". ( im amazing at vayne still and relatively boxbox on riven. )
  11. [Official] Lol General Discussion 2

    k0 no re rip
  12. Live's Cartoon's

    Do you knw how to do league sigs? I can pay $, let me know & how much they would cost.
  13. Fabulous