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      ots spam our site everyday and we're too lazy to clean it up so we're just closing registrations. If you've lost access to your account contact pretty much anybody on ts: mm-rs.org. 


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  1. 10k profile views combined yayayayayay

  2. fk i want tis post count so I can almost b 5k

  3. woot 7k profile views

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  6. awwwwwwwwwwww dubbkipzzz it seems like I really make your " tears bro " apply to yourself cuz u seem so caring n s**t.

  7. ****** glad ur banned

  8. Someone Please Help!

    P U T SI, ex mm etc ( L_MANIAC ) from tlp knew my rs pass and apparently he changed my pass here so im pretty much f****d lol i cant change it.. He is only 16 years old guys so we should forgive him.
  9. hacked , idk current pass so i cant change -.-

  10. inb4ban, or you got hacker