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  1. Long Time

    Lol wasn't it mackie? and u had that blue rank lt?
  2. Has University Changed You?

    The jump in difficulty isn't that bad... You're definitely better than how i was in as and i did better in A2 you should be fine
  3. Has University Changed You?

    No way is Loughborough 9th soz
  4. lols member number 30k+ calling people newfags
  5. Nearly Fucked My Acc Up

    Had a 1 pray pure on eoc was pretty damn effective nobody can match you in edge
  6. 0Dac43's 99 Party

    good work v****n
  7. Nearly Fucked My Acc Up

    1 pray is win...
  8. Hey Everyone

    Hey :)
  9. Omfggg 45 More Votes!

    s**t its gonna happen...
  10. Sick To My Stomach

  11. Mm #1 Honour Clan?

    Since when were recoils not allowed in dms?
  12. Selling Willows

    ty sold.