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  1. Hey

    that's a rly fabulous track mate
  2. Hey

    is the 'fit in or f**k off' in your member title a reference to brennan heart - FIFO?
  3. Hey

  4. Hey

  5. I'm Coming To Europe

  6. I'm Coming To Europe

    i'll be in london 05/08 - 09/08 brussels 24/07 - 29/07 antwerp 09/08 paris 26/08 - 30/08 not going to barcelona this year unfortunately, went last year and it was awesome. so is anyone going to any of these parties? last i remember runescape was 99% dutch LT so surely someone's going to them lol
  7. I'm Coming To Europe

    I'm in London 05/08 - 09/08, pretty sure I'm staying just off Oxford Street. Wut kinda parties? by your sig i'm guessing dnb?
  8. I'm Coming To Europe

    bump i am back july 19th
  9. I Am Awesome

    nice mate but what i dont get is how did you get a range lvl when casting fire wave?
  10. Swerve

  11. hi kitty

    1. Kitty


      Hey pauly

  12. Serious Topic.

    listen up phaggot cos im only gonna say this once. YOU are ******* NEW. sit the **** down and shut the **** up, stop your white knighting NOW or you'll never heard the end of it phaggot.
  13. Mith Gloves Kits

  14. I'm Coming To Europe

    im coming for black and silver stages, and then the end show obviously srs as if you fuking dutch phaggots are spoiled with these events and dont even go. that or u r sad lil antisocial guys probably bit of both sad m8 sad real fkn sad.