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  1. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    not as many as youd like
  2. hacking in progress

  3. Todd

  4. Found 6-pack ryan in twitch chat lmao

    bro u watch 2 many streams lol
  5. Ok

    wuts ir
  6. Discord?

    theres a cool kids discord but u need to pay for invite
  7. 85 magic

    grats slave
  8. Ok

    do it, come w8 edge and join me in pking da noobs   i pm u next time i c u on
  9. Ok

    u f****d up my magic pic
  10. My Winter Storm

    lmao i was wondering why ur always on
  11. Rip celtic

    older than _______
  12. Road To Maxed Pure

    u ended up getting pray f****n noob
  13. TriHard

    p**n of the dinosaur variety