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  1. Clinton vs Trump thread

    f**k both of them honestly
  2. Sup familia

    Hey guys, just wanted to see how everyone is doing. It's been over a year since I've logged in. Time flies I guess, seems like yesterday I first made an account on these forums. I was 14 years old then and now I just recently turned 20. Anyway, how has everybody been? I'm personally not playing rs too much anymore. I got back on for a good 6 months, joined a LPC on my pure but it was pretty gross. Everyone triple-clans with a LPC/MPC/HPC. Even the leaders of my clan were skipping trips just to go to another clan's trips. And then it closed. Oh well lmao. I made the mistake of renting a maxed main to stake on. I went from 50m up to 150m. And... I went back 2 days later and got myself cleaned. Still about 20m left on my main and 5m on my pure but my motivation is gone. Right now I'm just focusing on work and playing some league of legends. Just came back after about a year off and I'm trying to climb my way out of bronze lmao. Anyways, I hope you get this man.  Hit me back, just to chat. Your biggest fan, this is Stan.  
  3. Is This Even Possible Or Am I Crazy?

    Nah I mean the only thing I was thinking is if you Google my rsn you can find my YouTube channel, twitter and Facebook page. That's kind of a stretch though.
  4. Is This Even Possible Or Am I Crazy?

    Oh well lol I won 5 stakes in a row and tripled my cash pile. I'm happy
  5. Hello there. I decided to get on RS and do a bit of staking. I cleaned a guy and about 30 seconds later my internet went down. Think that's just a coincidence or is it actually possible these days through some black magic for someone to get your IP address through the game?
  6. I Made A Runescape Guide

    I think i made some very interesting points in the video that have been previously undiscovered by others attempting to document the correct method of chopping trees.
  7. If you don't know, now you know.
  8. See You Mm In 22 Days

    Damn even if I had a pure I couldn't go to trips. I work weekend evenings. Sadface.
  9. Runescape Stream

    But did she get it?
  10. That's impressive. If i didn't mess up at all or spend as much time thinking I probably could have gotten 1:30. Maybe i just need to click faster lol? xD
  11. I was always decent at doing puzzles so I thought I would challenge myself and see how fast i could complete one. Here's the result, I'm pretty happy with what I got :)
  12. Today I wanted to make and upload a video. I used Hypercam 3 and Sony Vegas Pro 13. Here are the project settings I used: Here is the setting I used to render: Here is the file that was rendered. It came out to be 48 GB, that can't be normal... And here is how long it's going to take me to upload to youtube. Not sure if I wanna wait over 24 hours. Also decided to throw this in so you can see my internet is not really the problem. So what went wrong? Is there a reason the file ended up being 48 GB? Did I majorly f**k up my settings or is there a different issue? I'd like to get this resolved, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I'm a little concerned about Camtasia causing lag because that was my experience in the past. My pc is not built for gaming, I have a basic processor and 4gb of RAM. I know Camtasia takes up more resources than pretty much any other recorder.