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  1. Schwartzberg's Staking Gallery

    nice post m8

    wtf is this s**t kid, reported
  3. .


    theseguys r legit check me out claymortal is the name of me in game pls no flame jus tryna become next mahatma, aim for da fame. look forward to ruining lvl50 f2p and chatin in discord postgame
  5. Whats Most Op Build In 07

    this guy knows his s**t. that build is definitely the best. gl staying 70hp tho without botting some b******t minigame
  6. I Should Really Quit This Game..

    is the game still fun to you? i feel like most people get real nostalgic about the game every couple months or years and once they start doing the grind again they get bored again and realize why they quit previously.
  7. Started From The Bottom Now We Here

    ive taken shits bigger then ur account m8
  8. 40K

    doot doot mr skeltal
  9. Account = Semi-Finished

  10. Because Henry Is Mean

    this kid noob
  11. It Begins

  12. What Have U Been Playing This Season?

    u and ur fooking path of exile
  13. Anyone Play Heroes Of The Storm ?

    Yeah the game runs like s**t since it isn't optimized and since it uses the same game engine as sc. I played maybe 8 games or so and that's it. Was just curious if anyone else plays
  14. Anyone Play Heroes Of The Storm ?

    m8 you were born in 1995, shouldn't you be busy watching the suite life of Zach and Cody or something?
  15. Anyone Play Heroes Of The Storm ?