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  1. Rip Military

    If you eat / pot / switch items on the 2007 client and switch modes at the same time it goes back to your original attack style - you can see military switches his dagger back to his whip the same time he switches attack style, the switch of modes got overridden by the operation to wield the whip. Runescape 2007 is using the updated interface but it is using a very very old version of the game, switching is nothing like it was in 2007, this is more early 2005. You can't switch to your dagger etc mid barrage, the server is s**t, it only allows for 1 action, which is why food+potting takes 50% longer than it use to.This bug has been around forever and got fixed by the updated version of whatever it is runescape runs on, i forget the name. Rune5 maybe.
  2. Will Jagex Compensate Me?

    57 hp 83 range you are missing about 800k hp exp, its odd you would get banned for not botting on an account you clearly didn't range guild on
  3. Koing Some Lemon Virg For 70M/rapier

    Did you happen to vid this?
  4. jagex is a business, while these updates suck to the more cynical amongst us, including myself, who can see minimal (if any) effort went into these, there will be people who are stoked they can catch more lobsters. However these are really really dissapointing, there is almost nothing interesting at all, they've basically taken a concept from wow, guild wars and tons of other mmos, such as titles and auras and bludgeoned them to un-interesting in a very runescape way. This was an opportunity to make their PVP much more dynamic rather than just right-click and hope. There was a million things they could use, Stuns? Freeze removals? Disarms? Healing debuffs? Strong/unique effects on next spell casts? silences? armor reductions? anything? Nope, 3% range accuracy that doesn't work in pvp.
  5. The Top 3 Best Pkers Mm Ever Had

    that spilli clip when he killed cursed you and also the d2h comboing is awesome
  6. Ultimatum For M4N's Rs Career

    Do you risk an r2h when you PK? How do you PK? range/2h?
  7. The Top 3 Best Pkers Mm Ever Had

    surprised more people didnt say hellz beaver because he pked with silly risks and he also made ts crew trips which actually involved fighting people instead of bsing eachother
  8. The Top 3 Best Pkers Mm Ever Had

    There were 2 fakens, one was Thug killaz aka sam aka speed demonx and the other was just plain old faken. The old faken never left the mage guild where he trained 24/7 on those skeles below it, and sam got smited every 5 swings. 3 hit u? seriously? no. Honestly for his time cyal8rloser was really really good, with these topics there will be tons of duplicate answers because there are hardly any old players and no one remembers most of them.
  9. Knew It Wouldn't Last

    This forum has alot of r******d posts and the reason the majority are such faggots on them is because the majority of non-retards already left, being immune to rules and crying about "corruption" is funny, rules are suppose to be rules. You put alot of time and effort into cleaning up these forums, they should be thanking you for adding effort to which they are too lazy to do, it was almost Faken-esque, people being afraid to post stupid s**t, its funny because when faken suspended everyone who made s**t posts, the forum was still 2-3 times more active than it is now. This forum has needed a mod that isn't too scared to mod for along time.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpbl1tLK9Eo Isn't this the guy who Crackrawkz scared out of here by making fun of him living in a trailer?
  11. Do You Remember When...

    believe it or not runescape sort of had a good community before miniclip, it wasn't great but it was 10x better than now
  12. Firecape.

    initiate legs? wtf? the only decent range bonus u have is from vambs, ranging with that low bonuses will cost you more restores than if u wore the d-hide legs
  13. Crystal Bow.. Is It Dead?

    i have one it sucks balls it gets worse and worse the more you use it (its charged based like chaotics, except it loses stats..), its slow, you can't use a shield, it maxes like 30 and its aids to get, you may aswell use a crossbow
  14. Do I Pwn Yet?

    yeah u bot ur tank but i bet u do everything on your pure completely legit, im buying that.
  15. Viva's School Of Nh Hybridding!

    its funny when the bad ones try to do it, like barrage you and stand underneath then come out with dagger specs when ur praying melee then run away and misclick on a unicorn