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  2. Gf

  3. Gf

    lol just got anti-lured for 12B cuz i forgot to bank items & couldnt leave my cc fast enough. Thanks for the fun times mm. flame away.
  4. Ever Wonder Why Mars Is Red?

    Maybe because the iron on the atmosphere accumulates rust as it reacts with oxygen?
  5. Free 10M

    bring it to your phone company, tell them it was a gift or you had it stolen from you, done.
  6. Over 9000M Wealth :d

    w22 ge to see ingame
  7. Over 9000M Wealth :d

    D.) I wanted to put over 9000 in the title?
  8. Over 9000M Wealth :d

    w22 ge t see ingame
  9. Over 9000M Wealth :d

    Wont let me embed :S?
  10. "ok Run *****"

    grats 41 defence
  11. What Do I Do :s?

    420M over max cash idk what to buy. tell me.
  12. Skills

  13. What To Do With This Account?

    just quit them all
  14. Done With Outdated Pures..

    grats 24 def