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  1. [S]Lobs/swordfish [B]Raw Shark

    Selling some more fishies and pots, buying raw sharks and uncut rubies atm.
  2. Selling Crap

    Vials of Water 220ea Watermelon Seeds 1000ea if you still have em. PM Zarfbot
  3. Small Sale

    450ea on the raw sharks
  4. [S]Lobs/swordfish [B]Raw Shark

    Pm me if you want to arrange any trades. Still have enough for all posts in this topic atm.
  5. PM Zarfbot Selling: 2,000 Swordfish 290 ea 5,000 Shark 620 ea 70 Super Strength(3) 5000 ea 35 Prayer Potion(3) 6700 ea Buying: 10,000 Raw Shark 500ea 1,500 Uncut Ruby 1300 ea Services: (Not many yet since s**t skills..) Any pots to 56 Herb (Super Att/Str/Energy, Prayer)
  6. Fav "old" School Pkers?

    IHQ69, Omfgorz, Yankin Deez probably.
  7. 2300 Total

    76 to go! (175 soon :() 99 Herb + Fish next.