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  1. If You Play League

    exorcism euw diamond 5, blafschaap euw gold 2
  2. Eu Cloth Sites

    why would you want eu clothes?
  3. Gackk Tries It With 121

    RIP in peace gack aka one bang.
  4. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    Won my promotion games bunch of retards had to carry them since they all died to shaco ganks 20 times and even tried to do 20 min baron not to forget the rabadon ryze L. Singed stats so far
  5. Buying 224K Body Runes

    Buying in bulk, perfect example of how you shouldn't do it.
  6. American Government Can Mind Control?

    TOO MUCH b******t IN ONE TOPIC
  7. Game Of Thrones Stream

    Quality is kinda meh but still watchable. season 3 starts in about 12 mins from now youre welcome eu bro's. http://www.theatrearena.com/show/game-of-thrones/season/3/episode/1
  8. Neverax's Pk Video 6

  9. Fail Mate A True Hero We All Deserve

  10. Rang3R Elmo's 48 Hour Hunting Log

    lvl 1-12 gave me sleepless nights for a week.
  11. Buying 200 D Bones 1Keach

    i could get more selling to the general store imo irl tbh.
  12. Buying Yew Longbows

    il sell you some fine bows for 3k each
  13. Economics Vs Finance Vs Accounting

    finance or economics fk accounting
  14. Lol Africans

    facebook.com/photo.php?v=132291600278268&set=vb.139757129522136&type=2&theater watch for mad lolz
  15. [Official] Lol General Discussion

    dont listen to joey hes slightly r******d if it comes to this game. just start 3 pots and flask