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  1. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    has it really been that long, jeez. It doesn't seem like that long ago.
  2. Guide To The Perfect Pure

    I agree with Mr Jones, update this.
  3. Throwback Saturday

    high roller
  4. Doc Martens Shoes - Opinions?

    They are decent shoes, i have those ones. but they look terrible and too bulky if you wear them with skin tight jeans. Wear normal pants please.
  5. R.i.p. Oldschool Pking

    They are probably doing this in preparation for d claws. If they would just re introduce d claws, people would complain about too op and no weapon in mage or range to combat it. Again this is my opinion lol.
  6. Oldest Mayhem Maker

    maybe runekas?
  7. 17M Start,

    give me a dscim/dds now bby
  8. Barrows Gloves

    I didn't know you still played o:
  9. 31 Prayer Master Race

    v nice
  10. Meme Owns

  11. 1 More Hour!

    i start work when the count down is finished lol
  12. Just Fyi

    i will come back if you lead again lol.
  13. Hello Friends.

    :hat: (y)