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  1. Scammer got k0ed

  2. Mb To Edge With White Phat

    That's ******* r******d. :facepalm:
  3. Luck Is On My Side For Once

    That's splendid.
  4. Epic Win

    Very funny stuff.
  5. Kid From My School

    Well, judging by your inability to form a cognitive sentence I don't think you should be suggesting that I'm r******d.
  6. Wheres The Little Girl?

  7. Kid From My School

    Well people commit suicide for attention so thats sort of the point, what?
  8. Day Two

    pretty cool
  9. She Doesnt Know...

  10. Addy Glove Quest Kits

    My friend will sell you one his name is The Grand Exchange.
  11. New Members

    I haven't read them for a long time but I think it's pretty straightforward surely you don't actually need assistance?
  12. Ummm.... Shit?

    You're probably screwed, sorry.
  13. Official Bank Pic Topic

    Nice banks, lads.
  14. Need Help

    What is that origionally from?
  15. This guide is well made but the idea is too inefficient for long periods of time to be spent following imo.