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  1. hey, i really like this song! its really good!!!!! ill be sure to spread it around with my friends. If you could also help me out, listen to some of my tracks and follow me I'll follow you back. keep the tracks coming!!!

  2. 10 Defence?

    Don't be an idiot
  3. hows being a virg

  4. hows being a virg

  5. Where Am I?

    I feel much better knowing that channel isn't hers and that she has reported it
  6. I always get shivers listening to this.
  7. What Up Long Time No See

    wrong forums man
  8. 50-99 Summon

    you can try chinning mummies, they don't drop that many charms, but they drop quite few blue charms
  9. Saturday Trip Topic On Rsc

    what the hell man
  10. Stupid Question

    picking bananas in karamja is pretty good, the dude pays 30 gp for 20 of em Now the problem of course is getting to karamja... You will need 30 gp for that
  11. Chromebook

    useless for person like me, good for grandpa and grandma
  12. Should I Get This Laptop?

    Good, but very bad for gaming
  13. come at me bro

  14. Healthy As Fk

    o dam look at those muscles those ppl have