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  1. ur an fadget

    1. MarK`Death



  2. he got old

    isnt he supposed to be immortal? i dont get it. any xman connoisseur can explain this to me?
  3. Blade & Soul

    are you r******d? theres like 10 keybinds     
  4. Blade & Soul

    The one thing that would put me off other mmo's is having like 30 keybinds of useful spells. I really like the combo system that this game uses which allows you to have all your spells in like 10 keybinds.   Game seems pretty polished. I haven't ran into that many bugs, just a few translation errors/shitty translations which sometimes makes things a bit confusing. Queues are pretty big right now, but compared to archeage which had like 10 hours queues on launch, this is pretty solid.
  5. Blade & Soul

    Anyone playing? Shits fun as f**k. I'm level 26 summoner atm and its great. Kind of slow levelling but i'm doing every quest I see on the map and s**t instead of just powering through the content.
  6. r0fl oops

  7. DMM?

    Just wait until they release seasonal (April i think) and play on release, thats when s**t is actually fun.
  8. This annoys me

    whats up guys kripparian here
  9. Narcos (Tv Series)

    yeah its some gudshit
  10. Fargo Season 2

    oookay then
  11. Help Fix the Clan Issue

    Its amazing that they put so much effort into those replies but don't bother with ban appeals.
  12. deadman tips for retards

    1. Options -> Controls -> Always right-click 2. Dont wear team capes. 3. When not pking or training combat, wield a bow without ammo   post yours. save lives.
  13. Deadman mode info

    gonna see how ppl do starting from scratch w/o bots this time