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  1. Discord?

  2. World-Class baller found irl

    Ha that was really interesting. Brave woman ditching her family behind like that..
  3. Any old school MM still play?

    Is this the real Jz??   Not many people play any more, but a few still paly Oldschool RS
  4. Only if you play on Windows XP
  5. That's me nig.   1 down, 3 to go
  6. Any of you bonobo's still playing this?
  7. Go for something unique, it makes the grind more worthwhile... I did a 40 99 1 account and it was much more fun/rewarding than a straight up normal acc
  8. I did it bois

    Ma man!! Well done :)

    Any of you tiny guys actually playing this?
  10. Hello boys

    tiny virg aka no c0ck
  11. goat

    Nice screenshot peasant 
  12. He'll f**k you up irl if you talk s**t m8
  13. For the clan (again)

    Thats a lot of xp
  14. Is this game worth playing if I've never played it before? or too far gone?
  15. gross gore got banned from twitch?

    Guy has some issues though