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  1. Elo Hell

    Started from the bottom of silver
  2. how many replies can this 2019 topic get

    mm in 2k19 lol
  3. remember teewee?

    Are rabbits still a thing?
  4. Discord?

  5. World-Class baller found irl

    Ha that was really interesting. Brave woman ditching her family behind like that..
  6. Any old school MM still play?

    Is this the real Jz??   Not many people play any more, but a few still paly Oldschool RS
  7. Only if you play on Windows XP
  8. That's me nig.   1 down, 3 to go
  9. Any of you bonobo's still playing this?
  10. Go for something unique, it makes the grind more worthwhile... I did a 40 99 1 account and it was much more fun/rewarding than a straight up normal acc
  11. I did it bois

    Ma man!! Well done :)

    Any of you tiny guys actually playing this?
  13. Hello boys

    tiny virg aka no c0ck
  14. goat

    Nice screenshot peasant 
  15. He'll f**k you up irl if you talk s**t m8
  16. For the clan (again)

    Thats a lot of xp
  17. Is this game worth playing if I've never played it before? or too far gone?
  18. gross gore got banned from twitch?

    Guy has some issues though
  19. Nah it's already 30 - I'm spamming ranked on it. Currently Plat but it feels like Silver
  20. Made an EUNE acc. f**k me these guys are toxic - makes EUW look like heaven
  21. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    Sad I missed this, looks fun. Maybe next time
  22. fawk

  23. Official Clan Chat?

    Would be interested in this
  24. Well done Stinger. Careful cuz D4rk will take your spot soon