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  1. Eclipse

    u wot P.S. Nice 1337 posts
  2. Longest Arguments You've Had With Your Parents

    Never longer than the heat of the moment <10 mins ones. I've always kept a good relationship with my parents, mostly for two reasons - because they weren't n**i strict in terms of parenting and because I wasn't a f*****g d*******g ungrateful kid.
  3. Colognes

    I don't really know much about colognes, I just have one brand that I really like and the rest of the ones I use are just from gifts. I bought some Armani Mania a few years ago and it has lasted me up until now (and possibly for a few more years). I first tried them when I was thirteen, been buying it ever since. But I think it may have become discontinued, it's getting harder and harder to find.
  4. [Official] World Cup Topic

    Great game by the Netherlands yesterday, I was really pissed when they reached penalties, as it's always a lottery and anything goes. I'm glad the team that was supposed to win, won. Will be interesting to watch the highlights of the match from the Costa Rican side - they made exactly one attempt at the goal and had one corner during the two hours... Though one can not deny that they had a great defense, comprised of excellent goalkeeping and ridiculous luck.
  5. 13Th's Kind Of Topic

    As a person, yes, maybe. But musically, you can't deny Roger's genius. Anyway, this is news to me. Pink Floyd is perhaps my favourite band and a new album is the last thing I expected from them at this point in time. Very interested and anxiously awaiting.
  6. Archer (Tv-Series)

    I started watching it about a year and a half ago, one of the best series I've ever watched. I just love the type of humor that it offers.
  7. I guess The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0311429/?ref_=nv_sr_2) would kinda qualify. It's about characters from known classic books getting together to fight evil Avengers-style. Can't remember anything about mythology off the top of my head.
  8. Utah And Grand Canyon Road Trip Pics.

    Beautiful pics. I just love the contrast between the seemingly dead brownish rocks and the lush green foliage. Slightly envious of your trip, in a friendly way ;)
  9. Watch This

    Mantas - as if you have anything to worry about. I didn't even study for my English exam and got 97%. In fact, the only one I've studied for was physics and it was the one I got the worst result for. Mr pro - yeah, I've seen those, they seem pretty nice, but I would prefer to go for analog.
  10. Watch This

    I just love the way a watch looks and feels on my wrist. I live a pretty active lifestyle, and in many situations, for example, while biking, it's much easier and less dangerous to just rotate your wrist a little rather than fumble around in your pocket trying to find, take out your phone and finally, to somehow put it back in your pocket all while going 20-30 mph. Whether I do or do not need a watch is not a question I'm asking. I've already established that I do. I just want some recommendations on how to choose a durable, decent looking and not overly expensive watch for everyday use. :)
  11. Watch This

    Sorry for the potentially misleading title, but I thought it was pretty punny (:H:) So on Saturday there are going to be up to 50% discounts on watches at one of the larger shopping centers in my area. Since my last one broke a month or two ago and I'm graduating from university in less than a month, I've decided to give myself a little gift in advance. I'm looking at something up to 200-300 euros, nothing too fancy. Possibly a similar fashion to this http://www.mastersin...rel=r3251102325 , though I like metal straps better. Leather/fabric ones tend to collect sweat and smell funny. The last watch I had had a leather strap and it kept a vinegary smell that I couldn't remove and was forced to change the strap. I'm planning to go to said shopping center to scout around for some variants. I don't care if it's gold or silver, for that price I'm more than likely looking at stainless steel only. It doesn't have to be very formal, I like big watches with many functions. As I said, it has to be under 300 (~400 USD) euro regular price (disregarding the upcoming discounts) , though I'm willing to pay more for a really good one. I'm not usually a fan of bright colours, I'm more conservative, so blue, red and black are preferred. Brand is not a deciding factor, though I would probably rather take a lower range Swatch or some other known brand over a "better" watch of a less known(and by extension, trusted) brand. It also absolutely has to be readable in the dark, whether in form of luminous hands or some kind of backlight. As it's my first time actually buying a watch rather than getting one as a gift, I would much appreciate tips on how to choose one, or maybe even give me some links to actual watches that fit the criteria mentioned in the previous paragraph. The watch would be worn basically every day and serve as an item to tell time, and would not really be a fashion statement or just some jewelry item to go along with a nice suit.
  12. Game Of Thrones Season 4

    Right, my mistake. The kid who got thrown out of the window is more commonly called Bran, though his full name is indeed Brandon, after his uncle, who is the one usually referred to as Brandon.
  13. Game Of Thrones Season 4

    Not that he explicitly did something to Brandon and Rickard. It was more like he just watched and couldn't do anything because he was part of the Kingsguard and at that time his disgust for Aerys hadn't built up enough for him to break his oath.