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  1. Lol People Are F*cked

    Different in Canada I remember getting no snow days and having to go in a foot of snow -.-
  2. RIP. Unforunately i don't think i ever got to talk to that person
  3. Never Forqet

  4. How You Doin'?

  5. Took The County Bus To Class Today

    lol read the short version found it funny
  6. Haha yeah good times
  7. Pictures Of Jamaica

    Cool I definitely want to go to Jamaica 1 day
  8. Galaxy S4 Or Iphone 5?

    I have the galaxy s4 and a co worker has the iphone 5. The s4 is better and my co worker regrets being on the iphone bandwaggon
  9. What program can i use to download this music video? http://vbox7.com/play:93efdb3a The guy who made this got his first youtube account banned and i liked this song i wanna add it to my phone. But its on some hebrew site or somesite that isn't english and i have no idea how to download it. Edit: Yeah I know the mix isn't the best i just like jadakiss part sounds better then the original song
  10. Semi short version: A male tarantula jacks its self off, rolls up its sperm and carries it around until it finds a female. In this case I provided the female. In the video it shows how he holds her up to prevent being attacked then he will rub all his sperm into her. You can kind of see him doing it in the video while hes holding her up. Normally females try and kill males but in the video below the female actually runs away lol Video i recorded: Skip to like 1:25 Bonus video: This is my 2 month old baby Goliath birdeater tarantula it will get the size of a dinner plate in 3 years. Watch it destroy these two one inch crickets.
  11. No ones forced this guy to make hundreds of forum accounts yet???
  12. Only recognized Bibbleboy on that list and I have hated that d*******g for like 9 years.