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  1. Just dropping by

    hey mate   fi and foe are two strongest clans atm both pulling roughly 80+ f2p/p2p and eop close behind theres also a lot of other little clans not sure of the numbers              
  2. Mm Reopen?

  3. 13Th Come Here You Little p***k

    the og lilgirlhunta
  4. Nice

    op is a - oh wait.
  5. Nice

    herp derp lets throw around some misc memes and think we're fukn sikkunts brahhhhh
  6. Nice

    pretty much this. oh, and kyle i'm not blaming parm. i didnt even see him say anything actually, i'm 'blaming' all the ranks who knew this was happening and sat there doing nothing. including you. fukn lol at all you kids thinking you are all hot s**t now you dont play rs. just lol
  7. Nice

    it wasn't only furious. before this, i wasnt visiting this forum so i had no idea if it would be true or not. i can see my problem now was that i wanted it to be true. regardless the ranks purposely did nothing to stop this rumour which just made it worse. apparently all the kids who still have circle jerks with each other here were in on it and it was a way to get their new clan 'zergunit' some more numbers.
  8. Nice

    and what does this mean? there have been plenty of ranks on who could have let the members know nothing is happening, or even simply not ignore pms.
  9. Nice

    i didn't think it was true at first, i'm not even surprised mm isn't opening tbh. i just didnt think we would be 'trolled' like this.
  10. Nice

    Nice of all the ex-ranks to pull this sht, literally costing us money and hrs away from our lives so that we can give you bored fgts a laugh, how smart and successful trolls you are i genuinely hope youre proud. just pulled an all nighter training and waiting for the news and now i'm about to head off to work on no sleep so yea thanks for that. w.e i'm done
  11. 12 Hours

    was a good run lads
  12. Whats Upp

    hey m8
  13. Free Rsgp For All New Apps!

    pls free gp i lost my bank