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    I might be interested!
  2. Depressing

    damn dom where ya been
  3. <b>Real Life Pictures</b>


    yeah thats exactly what its asking! Heres what i have Total_Plant = [Plant1;Plant2;Plant3;Plant4]; WorstPlantAmt = min(min(Total_Plant)) %Lowest quartter out of all plants (amount produced) [WorstPlantAmt,index] = min(min(Total_Plant)) %The Quarter where it's located   Just dont know how to output a code saying it would be Plant2, without actually writing out 'Plant2' if that makes sense..

    Anybody here familiar with the coding language MATLAB? I've never really coded much before so this stuff is unfamiliar with me. Just need some basic help with a few questions! Given: Plant1 = [4 4 2 3]; Plant2 = [2 2 6 1]; Plant3 = [5 3 4 2]; Plant4 = [5 3 4 2];   5. [7 pts] Determine the plant with the worst quarter/column (identify which plant and which quarter/column it occurred and how much was produced)
  6. I found nemo

    did u go barb fishing?
  7. Updated MM memberlist ~ 8/2/16

    May i join MM?
  8. What's up guys? Old member trying to come back!

    i cant tell if this is a serious post or just another benz
  9. how many replies can i get


    what is a raid
  11. ded

  12. hi guys my name is benz i play rappelz

  13. any1 still play add me~~~~~~ lvl 104

    sqhoolboy q
  14. Independence day: Resurgence

    was a flop in theaters. shoulda put will smith in this one
  15. About 12 years ago I was a Mayhem Maker.

    for RS3 its sold for about 30cents per 1mil