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  1. 2 Years Late But..

    Congrats boi
  2. Movie Recommendation

    omg thats sad im just helping you 2 out and you do this to me... :{{{{
  3. Movie Recommendation

    dl popcorn time https://popcorntime.io/ yw
  4. 1 More

    wats @ 97?
  5. Introduction

    [CT]Harrie` *
  6. Introduction

  7. Introduction

  8. Hi There Mm

    There was a team called that pre-eoc I believe, but it also was a pure clan for 2 months whom just closed.
  9. It Begins

    x hai thing
  10. Is Mm Re-Opening?

  11. My Good Staking Day

    Damn son how long did that take?
  12. Selling Sara Robe Legs

    sold rofl
  13. Selling Sara Robe Legs

  14. Selling Sara Robe Legs

    Selling Sara Robe Legs. Looking for a good offer (50k+) Join #Dutchunit on IRC and look for [CT]Harrie`/[CT]Harrie|Away or /query [CT]Harrie`/[CT]Harrie|Away. I'll be gone from now till ~6pm gmt, so if you pm'ed me I'll pm you back. Thank you :}