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  1. The End

    You could always apply to phd programs if you wanted to try something different. It is worth trying something new if you aren't happy.
  2. Need Some Books In .pdf Form. Please Halp Friends.

    gayest topic ive ever read
  3. Allow Me To Introduce Myself, I'm Barzotti :)

    sup, been a while
  4. Entourage Movie Trailer

    nice, love this show
  5. I'm Hopelessly In Love I Can't f*****g Get Sleep

    congratulations, sounds like a good problem to have
  6. Oops I Did It Again

    all lies
  7. Guild Wars 2

    ur all invited to join in princess elfy and prince jatt's adventures
  8. Sherlock Season 3 Finale

    I really did not like episodes 1 and 2, but the finale was fantastic and makes up for both of those. Could be the best episode yet.
  9. Project Christine - Razer

    I thought it was incredibly stupid until i found out it was mineral oil cooled. I'd like to see some benchmarks for this when (if) it comes out.
  10. Katy Perry Roar Contest

    My brothers high school did one of these. I was pretty impressed... can't imagine my graduating class doing this at all.
  11. Payday 2

    ill buy this if someone here wants to play with me, heard being paired with randoms is terrible
  12. Gta Online

    I don't want this game for 360 or ps3...looks like it needs a next gen system to get the full experience
  13. Give Me Some Good Documentaries To Watch

    Jiro dreams of sushi - never had sushi in my life but still loved watching it King of Kong: Fistfull of Quarters - About the donkey kong high score I really used to like watching Vice, started with The Vice Guide to Everything and then their Youtube channel. They recently started another show called Vice on Hbo. They are pretty biased and sensationalize stuff a lot though.
  14. Headphones

    Bose headphones are really nice because they are so comfortable. You should go to best buy or maybe target to try them on and see if you like how they sound. I was really impressed with the noise cancelling ability of the quietcomfort ones, but noise cancelling is kind of a gimmick. It only works for constant sounds like when riding in a loud airplane or car, and they do nothing in like a work place environment when people are talking. I've been into headphones for a long time and these are some of the coolest ones I've come across: http://www.amazon.co...k/dp/B008XEYT48 Basically, you can change how they behave at any time. You can have them fully closed when in loud environments or when you want to make the bass really boomy. You can also open the back to make the music sound more realistic when you are alone and don't mind noise leaks. I'm not sure if these are something you'd want though because Beyerdynamic headphones are fairly large and heavy compared to Bose. I think they look fantastic but they do definitely stand out.
  15. Steam Summer Sale

    picked up far cry 3 and bastion so far...probably going to pick up mirrors edge, little inferno, and roller coast tycoon if i see them as daily/flash deal There has been so many great sales from other vendors (amazon, greenmangaming, gamefly) that i already picked up most of the games i wanted to play. Most of the deals on this steam sale have already been beaten by those sales.