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  1. forget spelling im illiterite does that determine intellegance or do you reall wanna take it to chess i can fight aswell 10 toes down run up get stuck im not a thug im a nerd in a rug its cold a f**k my hands numb but jus chill we meeting w13 foe think they want some fatality f**k that nerdy said flawless victory eop who pfft dude dont get my started i havent yet begun to fight lil tlp the last phonies ring my phone check the line i must decline iv been pking on dial up since 09 rip to mm not flip that like a sack pir "pures in retirment" N 3 R D Y's app illl wait for a reply 13th, spesh ,mahatma,coolwhips the whole clan rang3r elmo where my homies at dude the ones i dropped everything for just to pk with cause i was and will always be proud to see that pink hat we call that ghandi cause foe can have mahatma ill trade accounts with cha0s pur3 i know my history im an og i just watch like pac v3 cause im no 2pac im just bigger then a shark in a tank brb gotta w**k ;)" "nerdyethug" first app yall declined that didnt have good enough stats no sleep i grinded that exp waste cant do that yo who wanna rap i proved to myself that i got this ran my own lil clan chat for a while named "Drop unit" i turned them into jr mm do i have permission to start a branch becuase i have a nice squad they just dont have forums there fully quested an dedicated to this new age pking its not like d scim dds anymore the game has changged i cant keep up but i can teach the young youte who speshls own is who the real mahatma is i knew it was all of you yall kept him alive for us i appreciate that but mahatmas name isnt on the highscores but i bet he still logs in from time to time just to say hi   cant sleep why not blow up the forums since im such a v****n this is nerdy e jr checkin in by the way if ya dont know by now i got to many accounts to keep up with "nerdyethug,nerdy e jr, N 3 R D Y" THERE ALL ME and all mm PROPERTY  A R O  O OO  OO O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O MM MM mM MM mM mM mM mM mM mm  CM  CHECK MAYHEM thats the name ^ only if i have approval from my ogs that taught me what mm was about im asking nicely pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yall gunna have to ban me cause i wont stop an ill make these forums live if i have to ill have every irl friend play this game ill pay them if i have to idc i bet i own this game one day let it die ill take over an restart myself or go to school an make my own game similar but bettter an not ever ending 
  2. dont quote me buy if you revive mm ill spit a free style infront of everyone seriously iv been practicing for my arooooo dogs Original Gamers i would like to make a branch of mm called "Drop unit" or "checkmate" "cm fall in" the smaller the spec the bigger the barrage   new age mm since you guys wanna quit on me an such ill take over some how just need permission to make jr mm squad? wu tang clan the mystery of chessboxing you cant let it die an just let it go pures made this game pure warfare kept it alive i havent known any real mm member to tele so why we runnin from these new kids? exactly my point you all can retire i just wanna know is 3   hit   u's bones in the bank cause i got "latin hybridz" in my bank some boss *** kid from this "team-kip" they got a lil kids ranqe aswell username "sick inside" so wtf do i got 10 defence 81 str 85 magic 81 range 60 attack 77hp who wants to recruit me? no one cause my pink hat is just hung up in the back of all that loot me spesh an elmo got cant forget 13th hes the baddest pure in the game the one that actually maxed out first before anyone i still watch the mm pride video thats what made me want to join mm in 2008 i just like couldnt max out a pure i like 10 defence not 11 or 13 or anything but as i sid before ill be mms sacrafice ill get 10 def just to tank like mahatma did every clan i still got my black chain mail hmu yo im trying to pk the loot will be endless spesh where cool whips at cause i got the great axe karils bow oh no was that mahatma tho arooo thought you knew nerdy came back for you oh s**t hit the glory naaa thats not the end of my story im going down specin the smaller the sheild the bigger the blade black defender im the black night call me pacman the original gamer the real nerd dude i right a skateboard i smoke to im not cool ima nerd runnin home from school got a clan trip roll up the clip we meeting gdz edge or v rock where you want it come get it im chillin at easts whos got wests ill go to the deepest part of the wild an hide just ride glide an slide like eazy e thats my og not a crip just chill f**k a pill i just need some alone time cause mm will be mine what do i gotta do to prove to you i need this i bleed pink an thc like p***y my names stefan powell wiser then an owl thank you spesh you taught me to save my specs 13th taught me how to run a clan hes the man yo ill make a new account call it 13 spex whats next i got the usernames you wanna duck off ill train it for ya i dont want money i want unity like the marley in me yeah i told you i can free style not because im black im color blind thats far from a fact you dont want me to jump back on the game an go insaine on an account called My B L A D E THE FIRST PURE I EVER MADE 
  3. give me back ex-mm

    i like the ex-mm doesnt matter as long as mm is still there ex or not i still got the team-6 capes banked an my pink hat stack is onpoint my lvl 30 rocks the booties   dont hate me i got it banked i was waiting for u to log in when i had it you where no where to be found >.<  
  4. give me back ex-mm

    why am i ex-mm >..<  
  5. Revive MM show these kids what player killing really is if you are mm an still play my accounts are ,N 3 R D Y , Nerdy E Jr , and shad0wpk3rs THE BIGGER THE SWORD THE SMALLER THE SHEILD AROOOOO I SWEAR IMMA 10 def tank the improper pure the black knight black g switch to wiz t y'all all know me its nerdy e call me Stefan where do we meet I'm making mayhem new pure in the works bout to have a few accounts posted up in the wild f2p an p2p but I remember where I started and how bad I wanted to be apart of mm honestly not even because the loot/pking but the community like Elmo , cool whips like the real Original Gamers such as speshls own ,13th , etc. can't forget mahatma was beyond the funniest/best time I have an account ready to apply when ever I don't even like pking with a team anymore nor am I even trying to max out I'm just being patient waiting to raise the dead at greater Demond's for all my fallen brothers M A Y H E M   M A K E R. FOR LIFE Instagram : ogpacmanpowell  snapchat: pacmanpowell im honestly putting this up as a cry for help these clans are so s**t now everything's gone to s**t I refuse to let mm go those where some of the best years of my life I'v honestly passed up plenty of offers from other clans I'm just the nerdy *** shadow in the back commin in with the great axe ko that's my p2p 2h I BLEED PINK  I may be ex-mm because I'm inactive and I do owe some money but I'm in the process of something big here irl just hmu if you wanna talk I still have most of the clan added an still know a lot of our tactics 
  6. Isoggytoast Intro Lol

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6rgCVuRz-w you on one of your many accounts you used to try an scam risk fights... if my laptop didnt break id upload the other ones aswell including the ones you teled from then asked for a rematch 2-3 times then called me a safer as you teled cause you where out of food pretty sure i had a vid of taken fury/claws from you aswell
  7. I Will Return

    stefan* lol
  8. I Will Return

    oneday i will be back dont think i forgot about you all theres just been alot going on in my life an ontop of that runescape froze my account an are trying to make me pay them to get it back so once i get right ill be back an i will either use my twins account or just start over again for the last time... just to pk with mm again ps i miss the mm life and runescape all together Nerdy E Jr ,N 3 R D Y ,0H S0 Nerdy :P
  9. D4Rk's Road To Max Cash On 07Scape [Staking]

    oh how i miss mm >.<
  10. 2007Scape Usernames

    N 3 R D Y
  11. ...