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  1. rip :(

  2. you dont deserve this

  3. Post Music videos of what you think the best music of our generation is. With the Lyrics please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ayu6907JZZg You can also post if you love music. Music connects us all. No spam in this topic please <3.
  4. Devon you do not want the wrath of Batman. edit: ROB you are r****d. You are met with an intelligent man with an intelligent debate yet you shut down. Stop posting here ever again, new f****t.
  5. The Olympics are every 4 years. Back then if it snowed... you big an igloo not prance around in the snow. It just a bunch of white people prancing about, no skill involved, no hard work, no nothing. The only ppl that care are the countries that all they have is snow and thats probably why life there sucks so much they watch the winter olympicss and post on these forums. AKA Canada and Sweden... like yay for u guys u beat us in the 1 winter sport that mattered... now we will refrain from posting anymore topics because Nobody f*****g cares about the Winter Olympics.
  6. Kitty never learn to dance before, kitty wishes to dance now. I wanna dance to hip-hop kinda like Step Up 3... any tips? I know how to dougie.
  7. Mm-Rs Tribute Pk Video. Xxxx-2014?

    Btw I read everything you guys posted, just keep posting names/ytlinks or whatever. I will read.... However I'll probably get my posting rights removed again, so I won't be able to edit topic consistently.. Just know.. I read everything and I make notes, etc. But btw... last MM pk video sucked... MY video... we shall not compare it to that one... it won't even be comparable... last one was a joke. This one... you will be proud that you were MM if you were ever MM. Like... this is one of the videos you would be like... I'd pay to watch this... Currently: Making a preview that I can put in the opening link that shows you how seroius I am. Again... I will probably get my posting rights removed again (it was 2 days, then 3 days, then another 3 days LOL) or get banned, but I will always lurk here and read this topic... unless someone deletes this topic... I question leadership at this point so I see all scenerios. I already have enough of the names that I forgot to make video awesome. Thanks everybody for your contribution and no need to post more than once... I read bro... you will be in video bro... like u dunt need to beg. Like every clip will have meaning in my video. Im not putting no 2-6 dds spec for 50k loot that was made during 2013 scape... It's going to feel like an oldschool video, but with new school music. It's going to be as if you were watching Mahatma's video for the first time. That gravitational pull towards greatness... like when you see that Mahatma video... is what I want to get from you as a viewer... when you watch this video. Cheers... Have a great day noble forum users. ps. only ppl that made there name in MM... not these solo q wanna be's... if you play league understand.
  8. Why Is The Snow So Damn High!

    why isn't ur ringtone
  9. Why Is The Snow So Damn High!

    why don't you just call the phone... bro...?
  10. I get high before I read forums

    1. Tittay


      me too man

  11. Improving Mechanics

    thats why u stupid niggas in gold