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  1. Mayhem Makers P2P fullout war, 12 hour prep vs AA Korrawi set up this war with edward from AA, Them being an australian clan they made it very late ( about 1pm gmt) we agreed on following rules, All armour allowed but No dragon claws! Magic + Range + Melee + Summoning are allowed. Greater Demons (multi only), so no running single! All prayers allowed - Overheads are on. There being no rule on attacking/defending, we took advantage of that. They logged in right next to us and the fight started, was over in about 30 seconds but was still fun. Then a group of like 5 ran to single, we quickly made work of them as well. Us being GMT based, was pretty happy with our pull, considering the war took place @ 1 am gmt. - Thanks for the GMT'ers who stayed up. Videos : ================================ Mayhem Makers Starting People: 46 AA Starting people: 37 ========================== Mayhem Makers Ending people: around 35 AA people: 0 ================================ Recap: Was a fun war, they came back trying to one item us but it failed. Pics- Also, we found this hillarious. Was the first person to log in, his name did not let him down.