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  1. What Are You Listening To Atm?

    Mims - Rockin N Rollin'
  2. More People Should Play Rs3

    It's fun and not as much of a grind as rs once was, don't care what half of you going to say about osrs since half of your opinions won't count since you bot anyway.
  3. Who Here Is A True Rs Vet?

    started from the bottom now we here
  4. Oops

  5. Progress ..

    Welsh flag = immediate ownage on a topic
  6. Buying A Watch

    SilverQooney is your guy for this one.
  7. Foe Bot

  8. Buying 20K Red Chins

    i got 70k red chins i bought last week at 330 ea lol
  9. Pure Vs Zerker Hybrid(Cb 97)

    mishd**ks were had
  10. 99

  11. 07 Scape

    my d**k is f*****g huge
  12. Superheating Worth It?

    good with gold ores, good xp, idk about loss
  13. Rate Newest Purchase

  14. Post Your Current Opinion

    Quest Narb
  15. H U G E Achievement.

    small quest points