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  1. xd

    ^ rofl the little vermin didn't even try to deny it.. "b-b-but you are a loser too!!!" remember when you paid me not to rat you out for scamming in 2012? good times  
  2. xd

    That's like what? 10-20 bucks? It's 2017 pal and you're probably in your twenties. Stop being such an evasive loser, move the fuck on and do something with your life.
  3. lmfao didn't read   Maturity and caring about what others think of you are inversely proportional
  4. Found Henry on RS

    nerds calling other nerds nerds
  5. Blackman's new year

    I wrote an amazing post and I was ready to hit the send button. It was full of insults towards you, it would get me a lot of laughs and the best part was that it was completely true. I deleted it out of pity for you. So you're welcome.  
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    This post triggered me. I think "happy holidays" is more appropriate.
  7. lol @ you you've been on these forums for so long and you still act like a complete autist. let me tell you something you indian sperg, this is NOT a good topic. 
  8. MM's f2p saturday ft: EOP

    "They dead" lol he owned you
  9. kiss me faggot

    1. Estonian


      • any time any place
      • holla me bae
    2. iowna slave
  10. Nignogs who still play lol

    1 def for life son
  11. <3

    1. Parm
    2. Estonian


      <3???? to me??? KOEN???