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  1. Whats up people

    king meklo
  2. Funny Video Thread

    didn't even smile
  3. EOP Closes its doors

    i have no respect for eop. they pulled every dirty trick in the book back when rs was relevant and we still demolished them the only reason they were any good on osrs (if that is the case, because tbh you sound like an eop fanboy) is because mm wasn't on those servers
  4. Hi

    great my friend <3
  5. <b>Real Life Pictures</b>

    so manly alver
  6. ----

  7. Best Mm Memory?

    glitching up to 90+ def for p2p miniwars and molesting idiots even harder than before also loved every f2p trip with 13th leading
  8. idk whats going on anymore

    if it makes you feel any better, if i was a girl i wouldn't want a relationship with you either. good luck.
  9. My bad

    let me guess, she is a fat white chick
  10. Going to Amsterdam

    don't bother. it has become a terrible city
  11. your generosity has not been forgotten <3

    1. Pixel Lurer

      Pixel Lurer

      Your disability has not been forgotten :/

  12. xd

    ^ rofl the little vermin didn't even try to deny it.. "b-b-but you are a loser too!!!" remember when you paid me not to rat you out for scamming in 2012? good times  
  13. xd

    That's like what? 10-20 bucks? It's 2017 pal and you're probably in your twenties. Stop being such an evasive loser, move the fuck on and do something with your life.