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  1. Any of ya'll gonna watch the fight? Think floyds gona win it on points but would love maidana to win by KO
  2. Def Resets Coming To Rs3

    Who cares, rs sucks
  3. lol who the f**k edited my post!!
  4. [Official] World Cup Topic

    Brazil will win it
  5. Dallas Buyers Club

    Watch national treasure, awesome movie
  6. New Skills?

    All of them sound f*****g s**t
  7. Combat Beta Update May 9Th 2014

    looks/sounds fabulous still
  8. Black one is nice
  9. Floyd Mayweather V Marcos Maidana

    Not too sure, probably starts 2-3am gmt. the actual mayweather fight will start like like 4-5am gmt
  10. Who's gonna be watching the fight later? As always i hope Mayweather loses, but cant see it happening tbh. Really good undercard too with Amir Khan v Luis Collazo and Adrien Broner v Carlos Molina
  11. Is The Trip Today F2P Or P2P?

    Sorry to dissapoint but there's no trip kiddo. Go out and enjoy the sunshine.