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  1. Assuming we're talking about doing resits: -Flight Dynamics Might have to do these two, depending on my results. But I think I passed both: -Control & Systems design -Instrumentations & Signals f****d up. But I wanna finish my bachelor next year.
  2. What Are Your Plans For The Summer?

    Don't have any plans for going on vacation. Probably have to work every weekend at my parents restaurant. I'll try and work-out every day at least once. Maybe twice a day. I love to gym, but I'll probably won't do a lot of twice-a-day-gymming though. I've been consistently going to the gym at least 3x a week for the last couple of months. Might want to compete in powerlifting. Between gymming, going to study a lot. I'm not a nominal student, my goal is to remain one year behind nominal, which is still quite an accomplishment considering only 15% graduate nominally. I've heard from people that my third quarter in my fourth year is going to be hectic, so I'm trying to relieve the up-and-coming heavy workload in Q3 by doing resits of the courses given in Q3 in the summer resit period. Sounds like a boring *** summer for most. But it's crucial for me to do it. I don't want to fall behind too much on getting my bachelor's degree. There are a lot of people who study the same and are contempt with getting their bachelor in 5 years. Heck, I know so many people who are even 6th year students still trying to get that paper. I just want to move on with my life, do and obtain my masters degree, get a house etc. etc..
  3. Update To My Last Thread

    Goodluck man. It might not sound "alpha as f**k" that you're going to take care of a handicapped person. But honestly, what is the real end-goal of men? We want to take care of our loved ones. Maybe this handicapped person will become someone you'll love (no h**o). Goodluck with it. Enjoy the experience, I'm sure the skills that you'll attain whilst fostering for this man will surely help you out in your future life and I'm sure that the girl will be amazed at the skills and attitude (caring-character) you'll pick up. Wish you the best.
  4. CLG: "bench piglet"
  5. Dropping Class In College

    Call me crazy, but I never go to classes. I just fall asleep, even after 3 cups of coffee and a line of white powder. I manage to do my courses on my own, or with friends. You'll always have bad teachers, you just have to work around it.
  6. Eclipse

    2021 is next one :) Couldn't see anything here in Holland. Foggy outside and clouds everywhere.
  7. I Got My Heart Broke :*((

    :( *brohug*
  8. Out Of The Friend Zone (?)

    Not sure if really her bf or not. They havent hooked up or anything, in the 6+ months they've been together. Maybe she thinks hes her bf, because they're very good friends. I know I'm being an a*****e, I wouldn't try this with other girls. But some things, you just gotta do.
  9. Previous episode: http://www.mm-rs.org/forums/topic/169855-girl-help/page-2 A lot of things happend, since the moment she, my neighbour, told me I was friend zoned. We never stopped talking, we never stopped seeing each other. After a few weeks, she told me she was really attached to me and that she would never want to lose me. I've got to known her so much better, I can read her like a book. We've had so many instances, where I'd just say or guess, what's on her mind or what her plan is with me. One time, my mom rang and had some bad news. And my neighbour tried to comfort me, looked me in the eyes and I said "Can I guess what you just saw in me? You see a survivor in me". It was spot on. There's so many occasions where I'd just know what she thinks, or what she was planning to do. Anyhow, fast forward to 2 weeks ago. Our attraction to each other became bigger and bigger, after she told me she really became attached to me. I tried kissing her, but she kept pulling her head away from me. She would keep teasing me, by putting her lips close to mine, but moving away as soon as I tried to kiss her. Last week monday, she surprised me with herself in my room. We had a one week 'vacation' of things, but we both had to do stuff in Delft. We knew we were going to be there, and I spoke to her just before I came back home from errands. I knew she'd already be in our building when I arrived. We cuddled, I tried kissing her, after an hour she had to leave again to meet up with her project group. She rang my doorbell again, at night, we cuddled again and danced together (to some dancing game from Kinect). Tuesday morning, she had to take a delivery, so I came to her room to help her out. We lay down in her bed and entangled ourselves with each other. She told me, her boyfriend would come in the afternoon. And that she was going to tell him, what she had done, with me, and that she had to decide with who she'd continue. Because it is not fair for either of us. She expected him to get mad at her. To make things easier for her, to decide. If he'd get angry with her, and left her, she only had one more option left. But from the actions and things we did, I really expected her to just tell him, that it was over between them. But he didn't. He stayed with her all day long, and invited me for dinner. Which was awkward as f**k. I saw the emotions in her eyes. I could see that she fell in love with him again. It's not hard to pick between your 'current' bf and 'future' bf. The current one will always win. We had dinner, laughed about a few things. And when he almost left, I had a major mood swing, that I tried to conceal from her. Her boyfriend left, I was still in her room, laying on my back in her bed. She came back and said "What's wrong". We talked about what happend. We talked about us. We talked about the future. We talked about our relationship. Eventually, I went back to my room and couldn't fall asleep. I texted her she was weak, because she let her decision base on boyfriends' reply. That she couldn't make her own decision. I wanted to tell her by that, that she could only be happy with her decisions if she picked them herself, without interference of others. She got real mad at me. That it hurts her, that I called her weak, and that she knows she's weak, and that I reminded her of being that. She ignored me on wednesday, no replys to phone calls, door bells, knocks. I didn't want to use her key(I got a copy of her doorkey), to open her door. I wrote her a card, tell her what I feel about us and expressed my emotions. She still ignored me on thursday, when I rang her doorbell at 12.00. I didn't want to be around anymore. I had to be at my parents on friday, for work. My mate also had to be in that area, to go to his grandparents. I know his family really well. So we left Delft at 13.00 and I chilled at his family all day. Eventually I went back to my parents, and he told me "She's having it difficult right now. You should try contact her and be there for her". So I texted her, what I felt and that I was sorry for how it happend. She ignored me on thursday. She ignored me on friday. On Saturday, I just decided to text her what I was doing, what was going on in my life, make jokes and just continue on with what I was doing. She ignored me on saturday. I kept texting her on sunday. She ignored me on texts on sunday. I wasn’t going to see her on monday. She had to babysit her little sister. So she stayed at her moms for the weekend. I was surprised to see lights burning in her room, when I returned on sunday. I opened my room, and saw an envelope on my table. She had written me one hell of an essay, about me and what happend the last days. Turns out, she could no longer ignore me on thursday night. But since I already left…yeah… I went to her room soon after I read the letter. Hugged her as soon as I saw her, she almost choked me out. We lay down on her bed, continued cuddling. I tried kissing her again, kept trying and trying. She kept turning her head away. But after I started kissing her in the neck area and cheeks, she couldn't resist me any longer. We kissed and tongued. I’m the first to kiss her. She stopped kissing me, said we were doing bad things. After a few minutes, we started kissing again, and again… I touched her whole body and controlled her with one finger. She touched mine and controlled me with one hand. She wanted me out of the room, and I didn't want to leave. If she'd kiss me one more time, I'd leave. She kissed me, and stopped. I looked at her, and we kissed again. Then I left. Boobs feel great. She still hasn't decided yet.
  10. Do You Still Own A Desktop Pc?

    No, I only got a macbook for my study. I haven't gamed as extensively as I have done in the last 3 years. I haven't gamed at all, the last year. That said, I recently got an xbox one. :) But technically, I do have a desktop PC at my parents, but I haven't used that in a long while.
  11. Girl Help

    I'm actually handling it much better than I thought. I feel better than yesterday, when I hadn't said it, now my head can finally rest. This experience has helped me a lot. Finally got the courage to do and say something like this. Now onto more women. I finally know/experienced how a 'click' feels like, so it'll help me determine if a girl I meet, will be suitable. We talked it through and had lunch afterwards, things weren't awkward and I'm glad to still know her. I can improve myself with women by being around her, so she's my stepping stone. She did say that if I had met her before her bf, things would be a lot different. But she's committed to her bf. She asked me the things she had said, which made me interested in her. She understood that what she did and said, was wrong and not fair for me nor her boyfriend. I'm a s****r and can get easily attached to. I should stop over-analyzing whatever women say, or else I'll go mental. I learned my lesson.
  12. Girl Help

    We talked. Bad news. She said that she is madly in love with her bf and that she shouldn't have said that she doubted about their relationship. So, we're going to remain (good) friends. Time will tell. But I doubt she's going to leave him anytime soon.
  13. Girl Help

    Thanks man, I'll grow some balls and approach her tonight/tomorrow.
  14. Girl Help

    She still likes him, but she doubts whether they should continue because they havent progressed in their relationship for months. He doesn't free up time to see her. And she told me she is never the one who will initiate something.
  15. Girl Help

    Edit: she doesn't feel the same as me, we talked it through thoroughly. Need relationship advice, I need help determining what I should do with this girl I have a huge crush on. She’s a year younger than me. I’ve only known her for one month, but things are are going pretty fast. Quote from self, from different topic She’s made a comment a few days ago, and yesterday I spoke to her about it. I wanted to know what she meant with it, she told me “No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend”. We were in the car and I made a remark if she was on her period. That remark made me think about myself, and more specifically if she had initially thought “why doesn’t he have a girlfriend yet?” and my remark about her period answered her questions about me. So I went over to her room, asked her how many girlfriends she thought I’ve had in total. She replied that she thought I had about 2-3. Which is a good sign, in my opinion, because that revealed to me that she thought I should be desirable in the eyes of women. Otherwise, she wouldn't be wondering why I didn't have a girlfriend in the first place, if she thought that I was not dating/boyfriend material. She told me “I never had a boyfriend”. Which surprised me, because she told me a while ago that she and this guy were together. We talked about her relationship with him. They have been ‘together’ for a couple of months, but have never had their first kiss or anything. She has never kissed a man, and him, on the lips before. She told me they were still in this phase in-between dating and relationship, when they havent kissed each other. This had made her doubt several times over the last couple of months, whether she should or should not break with him, because they've been in this phase for a while. She told me he doesn't really do any effort in seeing her. She hasn't seen him in 3 weeks, in the 2 weeks of holiday we just had, they didn't spend any time together. Her parents divorced when she was 13, and I think she has separation anxiety. She’s afraid of breaking up with him because he supports her a lot. But there are periods where they don’t see each other for weeks, and she doesn't like it and she wonders about breaking up. She asked me what I would do, if I had a busy schedule as him. “I have a really busy schedule, just like him. But if I really like someone, I would do my best to see him/her every moment I can. I do have a lot of people that I regularly talk to, but I only have best friends, which are 3-4. With whom I like to spend time with, but it’s not as much as with you and I.” She asked me why. “It just feels really good being with you” “How long have you known me?” I replied that we’ve only known each other for one month. She told me that it doesn't feel like a month, because we clicked really fast. Not just a fast click, but that she also feels a very strong attraction between us, as if we were meant for each other. She had never experienced something like this before, and I also don’t, for that matter. She rememberd how I told her I’d miss her, when I dropped her off at the station. And that she could feel that I was genuine. She told me she has revealed things about her, that she only revealed to a handful of people that she has known for years. Her: “Don’t attach yourself too much to me, you might get rejected.” Me: “What If I want to?” Her: “I said might” She quickly turned the subject and asked me if I wanted to ‘washpool’ with her. I looked at her confused and she explained it to me. Basically, we do our laundry together because its otherwise a waste of money, to only wash a small pile of clothes. Just like carpooling, but then with clothes. She added that if I didn't want to do that with her, she’d still have two other people she could ask. One is her good female-friend she has known for years, and the other is a guy-friend she has also known for quite some time. They both live in the same complex, on the same level and about 100 meters away. But she first asked if I wanted to do it with her, who she has only known for a month. She shortly after got a call from her mom, kicked me out of the room and I asked her if she’d come to me after she finished calling. She rang my doorbell a couple of minutes later and we relaxed on my bed. The last couple of days that I’ve been with her, she’s always touching my hair, poking my cheeks with her fingers, tries to silence me or prevent seeing her with her hand. Our hugs are wayyyy past a friendly hug, we hug for minutes, she closes her eyes and our whole bodies touch. If she laughs, half of the time she bows forward, to me and lets her head rest on my chest. I can confidently say that her pupils dilate when she looks at me. Now onto my question. I will most likely not see her today, she’s going to the movies with a group of friends and afterwards her ‘boyfriend’ will visit her. She leaves early tomorrow, because she has to babysit her younger sister. So, my options of seeing her is in-between the moment she gets home from the cinema and her boyfriend coming over. Or tomorrow morning. Should I just tell her I really like her or should I not do that. I think I’ve planted the ‘seed’ of inception in her head, that she should break up with her ‘boyfriend’ and that I’m better. I’m honestly afraid she’ll try to kiss him tonight. She told me she has had a few times when she really wanted to kiss him, but didn’t and that she doubts on doing that. Maybe if she kisses him, she’ll see him more often. That’s her thought. But she could also be telling him that things might are over. Her female-friend in the building, has questioned her about her relationship with her ‘boyfriend’. And her female-friend has also questioned her relationship with me. That female-friend will also be at the cinema with her. Maybe she’ll tell female-friend what happend last night. If I tell her I like her, before she sees her ‘boyfriend’, it might sway her into leaving him this night, or possibly ruining my relation with her. But seriously, she should know by now that I’m into her. However, I don’t want to be the guy that pushes her into breaking up. Due to her having divorced parents, and she struggled a lot with that.