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  1. New Forum Skin

    how about the skin and colours we used for fkin 10 years dum fucks
  2. idk what the title is

    give me my 50 quid

  4. welcome to two years ago
  5. jagex and the mini map were trolling us cus u cudnt see f**k all purple dots
  6. Genereal Election

    more likely the south of scotland wud want to do one into england
  7. Genereal Election

    as expected our newly re elected leader has slapped down the naive upstart that is nicola sturgeon by doing as follows Promised to hold Alex Salmond to his 'once in generation' promise and refuse a second independence referendum. Rejected SNP demands for full fiscal autonomy – control of all taxes – saying Scotland will need the UK's financial might following the oil price crash. Refused Nicola Sturgeon's request for a Scotland veto on his promise of an in-out EU referendum by the end of 2017. Warned the Smith Commission must be put into law before extra powers are discussed, putting it back years.
  8. Genereal Election

    ed miliband versus david cameron as prime minister would have a lot radically different.
  9. Genereal Election

    some of the first acts of the tories will be repealing the fox hunting ban and the human rights act. they are the nasty party whos leadership is totally out of touch with middle and working class people. however theyve done a good job with the economic recovery and jobs and labour are rightly not trusted.
  10. Genereal Election

    The SNP delivered a referendum because Cameron said so because hes Prime Minister, Cameron sees the danger which the recent results might pose to the union, which is why he must deliver the changes he promised and has said so in the last 2 days. we'll see what the scots think if they have the SNP with more fiscal control over Scotland, though because of the sense of self pity and grievance in Scotland they'd still spin a way to blame London.
  11. Genereal Election

    yes he would, the question was settled in the most democratic way possible, for a generation, that fact will not change. what you are saying is wishful thinking. if the SNP promise in a manifesto say that they can deliver a new referendum, they are lying because they cant. (btw i support a more federal UK with more powers devolved to all countries in it, though if scotland wanted to end austerity in scotland there taxes would have to go up in scotland. though how anyone could trust the SNP with the economy is beyond me since oil prices prove what a fiscal disaster an independant scotland would have been.)
  12. Genereal Election

    Scotland are 8% of the UK they do not get to dictate over the whole country especially on issues that effect the whole of it. Cameron should deliver what was promised during the referendum, the barnett formula should be scrapped which is unfair to the rest of the UK, and the boundary changes should be in place which would axe a number of Scottish, NI and Welsh MPs since the system right now is undemocratic and all three countries are over represented in terms of seats compared to population in the house of commons. What you dont understand ,is that the SNP has always been a non-ideological nationalist party. Its brand is left-wing because Scotland perceives itself to be "left-wing", partially in response to the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. While governing Scotland, the SNP was in a coalition government with the Tories, the SNP has accepted a recommendation to "reduce public debt obligations and establish fiscal restraint", the SNP has committed itself to not increasing taxes. For decades, the SNP has been the party of the Scottish middle class and has positioned itself as a right-wing party in Scotland that is in opposition to Labour's leftism. The SNP doesn't care about austerity or Cameron's budget cuts. The SNP cares about independence. They've positioned themselves as a left-wing party because it is advantageous for them: many Labour voters supported independence in Glasgow. The SNP is an opportunistic party that has no real ideological position besides "Scottish independence". As recently as 2012-2013, the popular consensus about the SNP was that they were right-leaning or centrist. There will be a referendum in the SNPs manifesto whatever happens, because thats all they care about and stand for. there will be no new referendum, the will of the people spoke in September of 2014, the position of the government is clear there are no circumstances whatsoever where Cameron would sign off for another "once in a generation referendum"
  13. Genereal Election

    this posts sums up the stupidity of the scottish voters, Sturgeon and her 57mps have zero i repeat zero power in westminister, they can literally spend the next 5 years opposing everything the conservative government do and it wont matter one tiny bit since guess what they have a majority and can do what they want. scots will get the powers promised during the referendum campaign but ur so stupid if u think Sturgeon has any cards beyond that, there is no new referendum without the agreement of the prime minister and shed be laughed out the room and told to do one if she even suggested it, come back in 30 years maybe. this election reduced the power of scotland in parliament not increased it.there are over 600 mps 57 snp mps can litearlly do and pass nothing, and have no bargaining power whatsover. congratulations scotland :)