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  1. I'm back to cut lots of trees while I'm bored because I gave up drinking hello.
  2. Came to say hi because it's dead week and I only have 1 Final next week, for a class I'm guaranteed no worse than a B in. Miss you guys.
  3. What happened to i mahatma i?

    Just found out today I can order burritos to my house from a local place for $7, plus $3 tip. 
  4. What happened to i mahatma i?

    Hey it's me what's up
  5. Nmz And Blowpipe

    Scales are 90ish, and I use steel darts.
  6. East Coast

    We got a half an inch.
  7. Any One Smell Girls Butts?

  8. Whats Your Background?

    White. Mom claims she's Scottish and dad claims Irish, but who the hell knows.
  9. What Lyfe U Live

    What does a college town count as? And when I say college town I mean there's like 15k people plus 10k students.
  10. Eric Garner

    I'm legit lol'ing.
  11. Best Forum Drama You Remember?

    Definitely my favorite time on this forum was when Butcher would argue with everyone. Pretty sure he and Jive would rage for pages at a time.
  12. This season looks really promising. I couldn't stop laughing the entire episode about gluten because of one girl that lives a few apartments down from me. She's crazy about it and in public speaking made a presentation about it and everything. I was watching with my roommates and we were thinking of her the whole time.
  13. Yearly Repost Of Where Da Hood @

    f**k all the feels
  14. Im f****n Loose As f**k Ay M8?

    I wish I had an Aussie accent.
  15. I Messed Up

    It wasn't their fault. It was hard to find them among 70,000 people. They eventually came and got me from the hospital too.