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  1. how many replies can this 2018 topic get

    We already lost 8 days. Lets close topic and start next year.
  2. Pink Clan info

    I'm too high!
  3. Name Most Famous Zerker Pures Pre-Turmoil

    Ahhh..I liked Stealth's vids
  4. What Are Your Plans For The Summer?

    Going to Ultra Music Festival in Korea and I'll be going to Dubai.
  5. Meklo

  6. South Korea

    I lived there for over a year and I had a great time. I'm actually going back to visit friends during the month of June. Do you know what city you'll be working out of? What 13th said isn't true. At least not through my experiences. If you treat others respectfully they'll treat you even better.
  7. People Who Still Owe Me Money

    Pay up scum bags
  8. How To Tell If You're Huge (Official Test)

    26k posts? Is that real...? I'll never understand how people can get that high. At this rate I'll get there in roughly 105 years. I can't wait.
  9. Oldest Mayhem Maker

  10. Tokyo

    If you're serious we could meet up. I've been living in Seoul for the past year and I know my way around. The city is massive, but the metro system is fantastic making it easy to get to places. On topic...I've been to Tokyo and I enjoyed it. This was in 2004 though.....I'm sure a lot has changed. Korean > Japanese girls
  11. u r small

  12. Mm-Rs Tribute Pk Video. Xxxx-2014?

    I don't know, but I liked Scribbbs. Good guy
  13. $1 Billion March Madness

    I got this. f**k Meklo