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    who dat?   And new phone is incoming.
  2. ded

    As an ancient I can confirm I am told old for this s**t.
  3. Hi


    doesn't work on my phone.
  5. Independence day: Resurgence

    I feel your pain. I don't feel like mad max fury road is this generations citizen Kane just because it had practical effects and feminism for a plot.
  6. TLP closed (again)

    that was fast even by their standards.
  7. TLP closed (again)

    If they keep reopening eventually they can claim the best clan in rs..it will be because everyone else quit centuries ago but man will they have it.
  8. hi guys my name is benz i play rappelz

    remember the 473 times I banned you? Good times man.
  9. About 12 years ago I was a Mayhem Maker.

    My rsn was heavencaller back when you were around. But I am pretty sure I didn't become part of the clan until you stopped attending. rs2 became rs3 when they added evolution of combat and changed the game entirely (eoc). That caused anger and in order to try to recapture people they released oldschool rs which plays similar to the rs you are familiar with. Gold in rs3 is INCREDIBLY easy to get which is why you can not sell it for much of anything.   Your best bet to move that much would probably be to sell it to a farmer like someone else suggested.
  10. About 12 years ago I was a Mayhem Maker.

    you picked a poor time to unload gold if you have had it for this long friend. For the record if you are who you say you are I remember you.
  11. seems like a poor choice to me by their people. Best of luck to them and the world at large.
  12. Bunch of Oakland Cops Bang a Underage Girl

    she probably looks good for oakland.
  13. Orlando Nightclub s******g

    same. But it doesn't change the fact that this s******g is terrible Sadface.
  14. Warcraft movie

    I liked it. I think this movie actually hurt you more if you were versed in the lore than if you weren't. That is what I heard A LOT of people who were big into warcraft say. That being said it jumped around way too much and only like 3 characters had any depth to them at all. I feel like if it was longer they could've done a better job.