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  1. gimme your 07 pure best pal

  2. Today Was A Good Day

    lol mercenaries for hire
  3. Iron Knives At Nmz?

    i was doing hard, never tried regular
  4. Iron Knives At Nmz?

    i was getting like 45k-50k an hr so ya
  5. Anybody Know

    on the official forums theres a thread somewhere... cant remember where edit: http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/sl=0/forums.ws?321,322,100,64303155,goto,2226
  6. 3Rd And Final Time

  7. Forums Are Back

  8. East Bridding~ Lugia Ex.

  9. Reports Aka Nilo

    r****d down
  10. Removing A 25 Year Old Blackhead

    holy s**t
  11. I Love Retards

  12. Fun@easts

  13. Dedication To Nilo Aka Reports

    kid is a huge f****t
  14. sweet dudes, wildys gonna be as active as ever with clan wars! non stop clan wars fights gonna be fuuuunnn :doh: