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  1. Blackman's new year

    sounds like you were both drunk, dunno how that means that you took advantage. unless she said you took advantage - in that case i'd forget about her   8 tabs wat lol  
  2. Look what I grew

    I haven't logged in for months, but I needed to when I saw this. ...It's beautiful    How long in total did it take to grow from seed - finish/what was yield?
  3. Why I would never vote for Hillary Clinton.

    i thought british politics was pretty bad but it's got nothing on america.   and why are all of the candidates so weak?   rather just vote for obama again
  4. Hey its me ur brother

    1. virgins 2. no it's pretty dead after a week and a half because of virgins 3. only virgins 6. he is with us everywhere we go, watching, waiting for the opportune moment to rise again and vanquish his enemies 7. full of virgins   they pretty much trying to buy his friendship dawg, if they didnt donate large amounts he wouldnt notice them   u can tell most of them don't give a f**k too, they just say the same generic s**t after each donation 'wow man thanks a lot that's so generous of you' in a monotone voice
  5. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    cba too time consuming
  6. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    playing on chinpokemon, was in your cc but now says i'm not allowed to join wtf lol?
  7. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    not actually a bad idea if we got 10 people, could just split all drops at end of the trip doubt we would get 10 willing people though
  8. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    it starts saturday night (gmt)   ye was me
  9. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    alright cool, cant play first day but will do on sunday.   I'm probably gonna rush melee first and try get mm/dt out of the way before they get camped, would be good if there's a semi-decent unit on, saves a lot of time having to run around looking for quest items etc 
  10. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    yeah to be fair the more streams I watch the more i cba, busy over the weekend so won't really be able to play and if you start 3 days late it's literally too late   that and it's too hard to solo
  11. anyone gonna play dmm on fri?

    tournament this week but new servers on fri for everyone
  12. Anyone got contact with Korrowai

    i'll just take a cut
  13. The main thing I don't get about all of this is that people are saying Jagex are operating at a loss/only making a small profit (apparently it was $1m last year). they don't even invest in decent server protection against ddosers, instead they just change the game mechanics. lets say they have 400k subs at $8 each month, that's 3.2m each month, say 1/5th of those players spend an additional $10 a month on squeal of fortune or whatever that's $4/m a month. How many members of staff? lets say 60 (although their shitty website only says 8 members of staff) with an average salary of $3000 (i think that's being generous, apparently they pay bad); $180k a month. Where's all the money going? sure servers etc are probably pretty expensive to run/maintain, but they don't even seem to be decent servers, highlighted by the fact that some kid with a booter could ddos the whole of osrs 20 times a day. I think the stereotype is real and they are just a bunch of nerds who have no clue what they're doing.   ....yes i am bored right now   edit: just had a look at the jobs on the jagex website and every single one of them has 'negotiable' instead of putting a salary, which basically means they will try to get you for as cheap as possible.
  14. MM statue

    mahatma, monk robes, zammy book, klanks gauntlets and pink hat