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  1. Rate The Sig Above You

    pretty big
  2. my face is your toilet baby

    1. Fuckymcsluty


      dance with me baby

  3. dont think i forgot bout that phat u owe me lil fabulous boi d4rk
  4. Has Runescape And/or Mm Affected You Irl?

    self proclaimed trolls are nothing more than flaming homosexuals
  5. Has Runescape And/or Mm Affected You Irl?

    high roller in game to high roller irl s0ns
  6. Do Her Or Not?

    lmfao m8 u are 1 flaming homomsexual
  7. Guessing Game?

    pure d**ks :D :D :D :wub:
  8. Who Do You Wish Was Still Here? Top 3

    danger aba and nory ;) :P :P :wub: aka not the worst guys aka benz tradd and overkill
  9. alex aka twink

  10. release my minions

  11. So I Get Kicked Out At The End Of The Month

    go find a fking girl to move in with on craigslist or pof jesus christ ull have a place to stay and lose ur virginity take out 2 birds with 1 stone s0n
  12. It Rained Last Night

    nice minivan
  13. Anyone Massive At Iphones

    alex aka snale
  14. I Want To Kill People (Serious)

    i was there to r**e