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  1. Tsm Vs Skt

    tsm cant compete with real teams i excpect regi to be gone next year, and tsm will finaly be good
  2. K2P's Guide To A Bnc

    was expecting a guide to make bank on runescape
  3. Thank You Based God

    Is the deposit all feature still there?
  4. 90 Str

    Still small :), also I've heard of alot of people getting banned there so Bot wisely
  5. 7 More

    Half way der grats maknas
  6. Whoo

    script pls
  7. First #gg Mm Legend

    he is saying that 99 herb is an awesome 99 to get. Anyway gg dom
  8. 59% Packet Loss

    Buy a new pc + new internet service + new router and modem.
  9. #teamstimp

  10. True s**t

    Atleat the helicopters are together, half of my games theres the r******d fizz who doesnt understand how to teamfight always lurks on his own
  11. Save Plawpy 2K13

    Frog mask warrior RIP
  12. Hi Everyone

    hola senior i sell tomatoes
  13. eoc update would help balance out the combat triangle
  14. Checking In To Huge Unit

    Should of done natures spirit smh