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  1. Lol what the fk you faggots FOG was not fun. That was jagex's replacement idea for the wilderness
  2. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    Just checked, April 2008 which means I've been here since at least 2006 (old forums got hacked for you newfags) 9 years...
  3. Mm Forums Activity 2015

    Lol crazy to think how long I've been using these forums... A large part of my life
  4. Mm Mains/people Who Still Play

    add Marcuntus Not a main but I need a cc to chill in
  5. So I Logged In After Like 5 Years

    If I remember correctly he changed his name to neutralizer, stole my old Avy and sig of my football teammates humping each other - for what reason I do not know... I'm not that cool of a person lol. Hi Andy 😘
  6. So I Logged In After Like 5 Years

    Lol alright u imposter. So funny first time I log into forums in a year and this guy posts here... Weird seeing my old avy haha
  7. Clan Still Alive?

    No neuts....
  8. @bbgc

    I pop my collar and these b*****s holler. Sup guys ;)
  9. Omg I Miss Yall !

    who the fk is this kid
  10. Girls Tell Me I'm Handsome

    i like i pop my collar and b*****s hollar mike the best on srs note good choice on haircut
  11. Anyone With Siblings Can Relate

    still do this and i'm 21 lmao. except now adays idgaf and i'll lol my *** off outloud because seeing my 13 year old brother get in trouble for the same s**t i used to is hilarious
  12. simple suggestion, become hotter
  13. Has University Changed You?

    lol jealous of your 8k a year tuition
  14. haha old bounty hunter in the caves lol that s**t was awesome
  15. Nearly Fucked My Acc Up

    don't really post nor scape but 31 prayer seems to be the best imo...