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  1. Awesome guy.

  2. Any Of You Do Tinder?

    I live in the extreme PO but was able to meet & hookup with one out of like seven matches http://imgur.com/ZaXumlf I haven't used it since then. It's far easier to meet women at bars
  3. Robin Williams

  4. Ankle Socks, Yay Or fabulous?

    I used to wear the socks that rose ~10 cm above the ankles while playing sports or exercising because my anklets would slip and the coverage near my achilles would be s**t. Now I spend a little more $ on nicer athletic ankle socks because I disliked the tan lines from the high risers
  5. Wow Im So Good

    ok tao
  6. L M F A O Gz Foe Danny

    alright Danny!
  7. Legal Poker Topic

  8. <><

    graceful clothing, it's weight-reducing gear obtained by training agility. it was recently redesigned
  9. the American/Ukrainian media is a joint force that shot the plane down?
  10. Trying Out Legacy

    nice one tom
  11. I didn't realize that friendzoned's could cling this hard. Make it plain to your gf that her friend is toxic to her relationships. The friend ran off your girl's other friends and now she's acting like a certified maniac because you're in the picture??? Frankly I have a hard time understanding how you didn't strangle the friend after she stranded your gf with some other guy
  12. [Official] World Cup Topic

    I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the 22-29th minutes.. I was texting my brother updates and I didn't have enough time to set the phone down