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  1. Desert Treasure Help

    Anyone online willing to help me get kamil, i'm 1def and 1pray atm and dont wanna waste too much time on it. Can pm me on RSN : Merkered Thanks
  2. Ethoxy

    Welcome back :hi:
  3. 1 Def Pure Gear

    I can wear addy gloves.. As for weapon just test out what hits good, imo i use AGS and polypore/armadyll staff .
  4. Trying Out Legacy

    love the ags spec's and magic OP hits, wrecking mains easy!
  5. Legacy Mode Stream

    I dont know what to think about it.. I'm interested in price rises when legacy mode will be released. whip @ 110k, ags @ 11m,...
  6. Combat Beta Update May 9Th 2014

    So what are people's thoughts on the legacy mode? Will PVP be possible on a fun base or will it be sh*t as it is now bcz i won't come back then :doh: ?
  7. Another One Bites The Dust.

    I see sharks combined with lobsters. Since when do lobsters stand for rushing?
  8. Ma Tiny Pure

  9. :)

  10. Now I Can Start Training Range

  11. Lootations

    Gf pj'ing rusher. Don't know why he had no food lol but he got 2 hit.
  12. Mith Glove Kit

    still selling kits?
  13. Camping Rock Crabs

  14. 2 Screen Master Race

    Kickboxer 1, Lionheart, 6 Bullets, Goodfellas