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  1. If anyone can help me get in touch with Speshls I would appreciate it 

  2. I was framed

  3. Hi

  4. Hello virgins 

  5. lmfao good times... danger would print people's RL photos and then cum on them... then send them to the people. 
  6. DMM General

    so anyone still playing lol?
  7. Let Us All Stand For A Minute Silence

    I miss you all :(
  8. hi

    hey sxcy
  9. DMM General

    every place where mid levels train is packed, which means more pkers, which means more resets, which means more quitmanscape.   No room for the lower-mid levels to progress. Even skilling wise, the amount of suiciders is unreal...
  10. for the guys that are still playing rs

    the lonely virgs
  11. How was your summer so far

    just got back from 10.5 months in South America (well 1 month ago I got back)
  12. Hey guys

    hi, you're late on child support. 
  13. Can Anyone Photoshop This Logo For Me?