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Status Updates posted by pure_dicks

  1. If anyone can help me get in touch with Speshls I would appreciate it 

  2. Hello virgins 

  3. ive got some big news guys

    1. Maybe Jax

      Maybe Jax

      its only type 1 diabetes?

    2. TeamFear


      ur nan di

  4. brb gnna steal some kids

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    2. Fuckymcsluty


      my favourit3 bad boy <333

    3. C0nqu1stad0r


      come steal me plz im so hungry

    4. Brandon


      gonna force them all to kill green dragons 16 hours a day?

  5. club going up on a saturday at 9pm

    1. jimmy


      9pm? early son

  6. h8rs wont bring me down - keylogger5

  7. boys i stabbed a girl with my p***s last night im scared

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    2. Felix


      you with your mrs still

    3. Slow Toad

      Slow Toad

      did she died?

    4. Bomba


      Then you let her stab you with hers, right?

  8. I update this more than I do anything else in life. thoughs? Comments? who wants nudes?

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    2. 3njoi


      looking thick. solid. tight.

    3. pure_dicks


      or ava n****r

    4. Maybe Jax

      Maybe Jax

      i'd like nudes thanks

  9. it wont fit in my butt what do i do?

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    2. Blackman


      use the armpits

    3. Stinger


      R0FL brandon ur k0k would be too little to even fit in his pierced ear lobe

    4. Maybe Jax

      Maybe Jax

      spread ur cheaks harder

  10. I have pneumonia help

    1. Pixel Lurer

      Pixel Lurer

      Just let consume you, join your other old *** friends on the other side,

    2. Blingjatt


      see a doctor ming

  11. im thinking about becoming fabulous again, ideas?

    1. Blingjatt
    2. Gack


      Starts with dil and ends in dos

    3. Warbaer


      Just be yourself.

  12. ok guys result; boobs pic no *** (disappointed will work on that) did some s**y role playing last night, 9/10 shag one of da best.

    1. Josh


      proof of boob pic

    2. Felix


      your bird is a f*****g beaut

    3. Brandon
  13. Just send some nudes to a girl

  14. doing stuff for money, post and ill tell you price.

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    2. Doc


      How much to clean my carpet

    3. pure_dicks


      i will do anything for 100gp

    4. Plawpy


      squeeze ur t**s together

  15. If anyone ever needs to talk or vent -- you can come talk to me. Sometimes it is hard dealing with emotions by yourself. Let me help you.

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    2. Gack


      my dog is pregnant and im afraid i may be the father

    3. Joker


      i havent told anyone this and im scared itll make people fear me, eventhough ima good person, just sometimes when im alone, i just you know cant help but have these urges, like a man crazed with fury, i dont know i hope i can learn to live with what God cursed me with, ive got a huge throbbing 9 inch d**k and i dont know what to do pls help

    4. pure_dicks


      im glad you can all talk to me.

  16. DOOM CC - you suck lmfao

  17. people killin people dying children hurt and you hear them cryin

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    2. pure_dicks


      way to ruin my solo ffs

    3. Anieli


      ice ice baby

    4. Jamez


      no mercy for the king

  18. honk if ur horny

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    2. Nilton


      honk honk

    3. pure_dicks


      honnk ok guys lets all meet up

    4. pure_dicks


      honnk ok guys lets all meet up

  19. Immortal Pures ftw #ip

    1. Jive


      they get d**ked ok whats ur rsn add me

    2. pure_dicks


      Ip Diido

    3. Maybe Jax

      Maybe Jax

      f**k u ip are n*****s

  20. I'm feeling kinda down today guys :(

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    2. Brandon


      cheer up bb

    3. pure_dicks


      its not going away :(

    4. Tittay


      awww it'll get better bro, life always has its ups and downs

  21. Got nudes of speshls mum, check em out on my profile.

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    2. Stinger


      holy s**t shes so hottt

    3. Brandon


      already seen her 1000x thx anyway tho

    4. Gack


      I prefer 13ths mum.

  22. i voted 5stars on your profile.

    1. `Dennis


      thx il give u another star i know u want tonight HEHE

  23. d**ks everywhere