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  1. every place where mid levels train is packed, which means more pkers, which means more resets, which means more quitmanscape.


    No room for the lower-mid levels to progress. Even skilling wise, the amount of suiciders is unreal...


  2. skyskanner. also if you intend on flying somewhere that you need to make a change, look for individual flights to those places.

    For example for me to fly to Bolivia, La Paz, from Edinburgh, Scotland, it is £900 single journey. If I fly from Edinburgh to Madrid, Spain, then to La Paz it costs me £400.


  3. Good on you for helping this family out, it will really put life into perspective (how lucky we are etc etc).

    I would recommend thinking about what you are actually going to do, it's easy to fall in love but moving your whole life, putting off your university and living in a country like Sweden (which is very expensive and of course culturally so different - language, food etc).

    I wish you the best but don't rush something like this, you could be back home before you even know it.