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  1. Walking With Chavs The Documentary

    This is the last time i teach you about our culture
  2. Mods Reach Fired

    "gym nut" lol. Dude looks like the only place he's seen with a name like that is jims cafe. How did the people at jagex not notice that he's driving a brand new audi, using LV wallet and flaunting cash so blatantly when he works as a games developer for runescape. Surely their wages aren't that good.
  3. Game Of Thrones Season 5

    They're not in this season at all i've heard
  4. Game Of Thrones Season 5

    The first 4 episodes of season 5 have been leaked online. Pretty slow so far i've watched the first 2 eps
  5. i feel like im missing something here... wtf is he doing again? what does 0% commission staking mean? edit: also d4rk i seen that image again in some old rs vid the other day where it named and shamed you on the rs main page for bug abusing that crucible glitch lmao
  6. Looking For Programming Partner [Php/js/html5]

    sounds decent i would offer to help but i have no clue on php i know js and html though at an overly moderate level.
  7. To All Of Us Losers Who Still Play

    Osrs? or eoc? i play eoc : did1 if anybody wants to play
  8. Probably because he hasn't played many games. The more games you play the harder it is to get to higher ranks
  9. Old Vid Of Me Dancin Lool

    loling so hard at this thread right now
  10. Just Been Broke Up With

    LOL jokes on you, shes already riding someone elses d**k as we speak.
  11. Whats Gangstars Youtube?

    nice 1, does he still post here?
  12. I wanna watch the videos of his lizards. Also if you're there yourself gang hey
  13. Slay 'em All

    wtf is that? is that a private server or something?
  14. [Diablo 3 | Reaper Of Souls]

    How is this? better than what it was at release? I have a 60 wiz with about 7 paragon i think, i re downloaded it last night. Not sure if it's worth getting the expansion. Also it sucks that the AH was removed what do i spend my 1m on now? How does AH even affect the game? it's not like you fight against other people lol. If anybody wants to add me and show me the ropes of whats changed (haven't played since like a week or 2 after paragon first came out) feel free to add me on Didlid#2407